Miss America Visits Lake Hopatcong. No Not The Boat, The Miss!

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Miss America 1934 Myrtle Richardson

Thanks to Bob Kays… again for sharing some of the fun from Lake Hopatcong back in the day and the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum. And yes Miss America was there at Hockenjos.

They had their own plate

The Steneck Family recently donated to the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum, photos from the years of their family’s ownership of Hockenjos Marina on Lake Hopatcong. The Steneck’s owned the marina from 1933 until 1948. Katz’s Marina at the Cove sits on the site of Hockenjos.

Hokenjos -Lake Hopatcong and Greenwood Lake

“Lake Hopatcong Breeze July 1, 1933
The Hockenjos Boat Co., formerly Hockenjos & Hockenjos, is now being operated by Mr. J. Nicholas Steneck, president of the newly organized concern. Mr. Steneck purchased the business and took over the operation of the firm on February 1st of this year. Mr. Roy S. Foyle who has been with the firm a number of years, is continuing as manager,” Mr. Hockenjos is continuing the operation of his passenger boats from Bertrand Island.

The Marina – Sadly destroid several years ago from heavy snow

A new office building has been erected on the Hockenjos Boat Co. property, new rest rooms and an enlarged parking space have been added. The firm has also taken on a line of household electrical appliances for the convenience of their patrons.

Miss America and gas Pumps.

The next year, 1934, with America in the great depression the Miss America pageant was not happening. The business owners of Lake Hopatcong held their own Miss America contest. As reported by the Lake Hopatcong Breeze “Lake Hopatcong was the scene of the Miss America Beauty Pageant in 1934. Myrtle

Miss America in late 1920’s 26 ft flat deck. The boat may have been a ride boat used at Bertrand Island Amusement Park.

Richardson of Ardmore, Pa., was selected Miss America. The two-day pageant was held at Bertrand Island Amusement Park. Thirty-six girls were entered in the competition and a silver loving cup was awarded to the winner by the Lake
Hopatcong Chamber of Commerce.” The current Miss America group does not recognize Miss Richardson as a Miss America.

More Miss America

Here is where Miss America 1934, Hockenjoes, Chris Craft and the Steneck family all come together.

Lake Hopatcong boat race Great Cove, holding wire on the spark plug the whole race

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    What a GREAT run of stories!

    Thanks Bob and Matt for bringing us such wonderful material of the past.

    Oh, Miss America!

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    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      I think that’s a 1951-54 24′ Chris Craft Express Cruiser, but, yes, they looked very similar to a Forest Johnson Prowler. CC Expresses were very popular, I had a 25′ 1956 that was just a next gen version of that 24 footer. Ran like a runabout but with a low ceiling cabin.

  2. Dean
    Dean says:

    I don’t recall seeing pleated upholstery in early Chris Crafts or upholstery on the side of the seats. Was this factory?

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