Miss Detroit Warren W. Sheppard Painting To Be Auctioned At Racine.

Miss Detroit II – Artist Warren Shepard

Here we go, one more reason to Race go to Racine for the big 2017 International show in September. This one of a kind rare Warren Sheppard painting of Miss Detroit commissioned by Gar Wood could be yours. Now, it won’t be even affordable. But true art never is. We aint talking dogs playing poker here. We are talking world redound marine artist Warren W. Shepard who lived from 1858-1937. His painting are the real deal. Here is the history from Steve White from the art appraisal firm of White & White Antiques & Fine Art

Some of Warren work can reach big money

My, and probably your good friend Tony Mollica asked me to market this painting of Miss Detroit II. Tony was unsure of its value and also was reluctant to offer the painting to only one person when he had so many “Gar Wood “friends who would like the opportunity to own such a treasure.

After much consideration, we agreed to put the painting at auction at the A.C.B.S. annual meeting and auction and allow some of the proceeds to accrue to the A.C.B.S. educational fund.

Christopher Smith R. Gar Wood Left.

Miss Detroit II was designed and built by Gar Wood and Chris Smith (Chris Crafter founder) in 1916. Mr. Wood personally drove her to first place in the 1917 Gold Cup Race in Minneapolis. Quite pleased with both his boat and triumph (the first of 5 in a row) Gar Wood commissioned Warren W Sheppard, 1858-1937, a famous marine artist, boat designer and navigator to put Miss Detroit II on canvas.

Not sure if this is Miss Detroit II, but looks like the same feel, and could have been the photo that was used as a reference for the painting

Photo fliped and is a great reference for an artist who paints sailboats and ships.

Tony acquired the painting several years ago and had it properly preserved. The boat needs no Introduction to most A.C.B.S. members but artist Sheppard may. Included in this report are references to Sheppard’s career and expertise as well as several images of his work with prices they commanded at auction in recent years.

Sailboats by Warren Sheppard

Obviously, Sheppard painted almost exclusively sailing craft. Very few of his works depict power boats. My research has uncovered no other pictures of early twentieth century race boats by Sheppard or any other artist. This painting is unique, gorgeous, and the only one any of us will ever be able to display in our home. In my 52 years as an antiques and fine arts dealer I have never encountered a work so rare and iconic to a particular market such as antique boaters.

As to value – there are no comparable to consider. It is currently insured, in my care, for $28,000.00 and a fair insurance appraisal is, in my opinion, $35,000.00 (thirty-five thousand dollars). Miss Detroit II will be offered at the A.C.B.S. annual dinner and auction with a reserve far lower than these figures but fair to Mr. Mollica.

As you consider your bid keep in mind – there are quite a number of Gar Wood boats available

but only one Miss Detroit II painting.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve White
White & White Antiques & Fine Art
18 East Genesee St.
Skaneateles, NY 13152

So there you have it, it belonged to Gar Wood himself, and from the true artist of the day. This should be in a museum, or your museum. NOT the boat house, unless you have one of “those” boathouses. And if you do, this is the mother load. Now, you can buy this and place if behind the sofa in the living room. But. Really? What will you do with the flaming Elvis thing you got in Mexico. You fine art collector you! By the way, for the record, Dogs Playing poker painting can go for even bigger money! Like the original. by C. M Coolage Sold for over 658K in 2015, so see the original painting no matter how many times its printed is the one to own, and you can own this for a fraction of Dogs playing Poker. Mmmm Feels like a deal now! YIKES!

C.M. Coolage ” Pker Game”

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  1. Phillip Jones
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    Matt who gave ya photo rights to post a photo of me and the bud’s play cards last weekend. Now the IRS knows us all!!!!!!!

  2. Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says:

    I hope for those of us who can’t make it the auction that someone will inform us as to how much it sells for.

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