Mittler Collection Up For Sale!

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There are rare boats, and then there are real rare boats. And one of the finest collection of such rareness is now up for sale. The Mitler collection is now offered up by one of the tops in the hobby.. Morin Boats Now, that’s the good news.. The bad news is that Morin boats website is not what you call cutting edge. There is no real info on it as of today, but we do have three flyers that list the boats. As you might imagine, these are not going to be cheap or the kind of thing you surprise the darling wife with.. unless its called My Darling. That might work… until you start it.. OH GOD! That Allison V12 sounds like.. well an Allison V12..  Yea, you might not want to do that either..That’s all we have now. No prices, no more info. Just these dang flyers. Tin Can is in there as well, a couple Thunderbolts.. Lockpat II, There are some investments being pillaged right now for sure. Watch the stock market, it’s gonna take a dip today… …It’s kinda cruel on our part. We will dig into this and try and out more.. Stay tuned..

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Maybe if I sell the house, send the kids to community college and hunt for cans along the roadside…………Honey we’re living in a tent for the rest of our lives. But we’re gonna have some real cool boats!

  2. chad
    chad says:

    I hope the new owner/s care for them as much as Tom did. I was fortunate enough to see the collection a couple times. He embodied the spirit of vintage racing, in both cars and boats. My cottage is 2 miles from Tom’s place on a nearby lake and you could always hear when he ran the boats.

  3. Douglas Van Patten
    Douglas Van Patten says:

    The boat that is claimed to be “Little Miss Canada VI” is really a boat named “Miss Windsor” and was designed by my
    father in the late nineteen forties for a gentleman by the name of Robert Parker who had a marina in Windsor, Ontario, hence the name “Miss Windsor”. It is my intention
    to merely set the record straight, for the sake of the Wilson and Van Patten clans, as well as potential would-be buyers of
    the boat. Be warned, this boat is not Little Miss Canada VI.

  4. Mark J. Smith
    Mark J. Smith says:

    I now own Chickie VI, the 16′ Hydroplane complete with both engines that it raced in (two classes). One is the dual carburetor Flathead V-8. The second is the Gray Marine flathead six cylinder with triple carburetors. I was told it was a record holder.
    Any information on it and on Pop Glazier would be much appreciated. Thank.
    Mark J. Smith

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