More Freaky Weird Spiritual Stuff With Zip Going On.


Another newspaper clip. Doesn’t mention the wreck.

Okay, it’s official, the gods of old boats and old stories is getting a tad crazy now. LIKE! WTH? CRAZY!!!!! No doubt you have seen the above image by now in todays story. Another newspaper clipping we were sent by Lean Edwards Daughter. And a copy of the ad for the event. It promised excitement, and guess what? It did. Then and 56 years later. CRAZY! Okay look at the picture and caption closer.

One of those cruisers is the one that was hit. Which one. The red lines are for any more info?

See where it says PACE BOAT? Ya. See what that is. I am going to guess either one of two boats. A Sea Skiff, or Lyman, The cray  cray part in all this is Knot That Jeff Gordon, got the Lyman that week, and brought it here.!!!!!! We were going to use it as a shoot boat. ANNNND if we had known, it would have been insane. Jeff needed to be on a faster boat. So? We left the Lyman at home… Anyway, it still sent a chill up my back, and one more exhibit from the universe that this aint over yet. It’s all unfolding in front of all of us. I honestly was not sure how to milk this more. But the gods are calling, there is a bigger reason for the Story of Zip to be out there. I just dont know it yet.

Here is a flip of the photo you have already seen. ******Note the flag as a reference point. The top shot was photographed from the Pace Boat. Like we wanted to do? WOW

Knot that Jeffs Lyman the Pace Boat, purchased that very week? YIKES!

Better wear a life jacket. A coast guard approved one. Not one made up of old corks you happen to have laying around.  I wonder what Free For All is? Oh hell ya!

I tried to clean it up. But its so mushy. Old newspaper, posted then reposted. UGH. I am on the hunt though.

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Agree, its all to much.
    1. Knot That Jeff Gordon got a lyman that week.
    2. We didnt use it for the reshoot video
    3. We did not have this info at the time
    4. Its a weird thing to have all of a sudden a Lyman appear in our small universe at the same time we are all trying to get the Glebe Pt Races history talked about.
    5. I feel like we were at the end of the story, only to realize we are right in the middle of it and the universe is trying to play it out. I think?

    • Knot that Jeff Gordon
      Knot that Jeff Gordon says:

      Too uncanny. When I purchased the Lyman it came with the PO’s log books. The very first page I randomly opened to describes them enjoying the Lyman in and around Reedville. Crazy. They were heading to Tangier Island when the winds picked up so they didn’t make it. Would be pretty cool if ours WAS the Glebe Point pace boat.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    The part I like best is “Races limited to non-racing hulls and non-racing motors”.

    These are just guys out running the family boat for FUN. I am sure that Tommy was not very popular at home when he smacked up Zip. (once they realized he was OK of course.)

    It’s like Stock Car racing back in the day. There is nothing “stock” about stock cars today.

  3. Dan Overbeek in MI
    Dan Overbeek in MI says:

    WOW! Ophelia gave some one a lot of time to sit and ponder! Interesting! I can’t wait to see where the story ends up… perhaps a visit from aliens in a spaceship remarkably similar to a Century Coronado.

    • Knot that Jeff Gordon
      Knot that Jeff Gordon says:

      No signs of impact on my hull. But, Matt you will talk to Glenn, who was in the crash boat right?

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