More Lapkin? Glad You Asked. Can We Really Ever Get Enough? No.


A huge thanks to Steve Lapkin for sending us some more H20 Gold…and mahogany all varnished up and looking very very happy. After all happiness is a freshly varnished boat..that runs.. and floats… in that order. Anyway, happy Monday..if there is such a thing, and just sit back and take a sip of your Duplex Morning Coffee and bask.

I am so confused? Virginia? Lake Tahoe? Capri? So many locations


History in motion..ish

He’s happy, she’s happy.. and well..


Smile your on Woodyboater taking a photo of Steve taking a photo of…Your phone!


The YA YA wave. I like this new term.. A YA YA WAVE is the wave you do when you are tired of waving to everyone. YA YA..

Where is Rabbit when you need him


Coats on coats of varnish

Tucked away

Lets go for a ride

The Coat Sisters. Carol Coat, and Cathy Coat


Shaka right back to ya

The Embrace wave.


Avocado, before it was called Avocado. Pea Green? Olive? LOVE IT BTW

And a classic Lapkin spray shot.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Wonderful photos of the best kind. People enjoying their boats. I am looking forward to meeting Steve at the big Algonac party in June. It will be fun!


    Nice Monday morning shots.
    I have a question about one of the “wave” boats. The mid 50s bullnose CC has what appears to be a Cobra windshield. I don’t ever remember that model with a WS of that design……..Duplex sip…..did it come with or just “owner” inspired? Asking for a friend.

  3. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    Someone needs “Greyhound”. Alan Thomle is a Wood Artist. No one knew what the original interior looked like, it is all from his head. It needed a new bottom. He took measurements, built a new bottom on the floor of his shop, lifted the boat up, cut the old bottom off, and lowered it onto the new bottom. Perfect fit…

  4. Ray
    Ray says:

    Great shots, as always by Steve. The one titled “History in motion..ish” is of Kathy and Bo Muller – restorers extraordinaire and real assets to our hobby.

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