More Rare William Mackerer Photos On ebay.

I cleaned it up and put the back in the same image as reference.

Back in 2018 some photos showed up on ebay, which of course I scooped up fast for around $5.00 and then digitized them and shared them with you all. They are images after all and part of the fun is sharing such things.  I then gave some of the images to some of the folks that owned the boats in the images. For example Miss Algonac was in one or two of them, and so off they went to be reunited with the boats. Yesterday, new photos showed up on ebay from that same collection. All these are from a storage unit sold by one of the Mackerer grand kids. One can only imagine the loss here. An entire industry history captured in boxes tucked away in a storage unit in Florida. I just want to puke. But such is life, and the old sayn, one mans junk… and thankfully the seller saved them and at least is making them available.

A nice note from one of Bill’s pals. Carl W? I think the stamp is 1920’s or earlier. Heck the stamp may be worth 100$

So here is another chance for you to purchase some of these images if you want. I don’t see the value in some of these? But a couple are cool, and if you own the boat, or are part of a Matthews Club museum thing, the images are priceless.

As image appears on ebay. I think thats a boat in the background. Love the little dog, there are VERY small images

The Matthews Workforce

I added some color

And the back of that Matthews Image

So You can click here and see the Matthews Image, and if you want to see more, you can click on Sellers other items. 

And if you want to read the other story from back in 2018. Click Here