More Stuff To See From The Book Chris-Craft Didn’t Want You To Read! EXCLUSIVE IMAGES


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This is exclusive shots from the seller of the confidential book Chris Craft didnt want you to read. The seller based on our request added some more copy to the listing. But we got some more photos to give you a taste of the goods. This is not a 5 page book. Its chocked full of private goodies right from the source. You can use some of this info as a guide to restoring a 100pt boat. Any questions from a judge? Whip out your dealer book.


Cover of the book

Here is the updated copy.
Hopefully this may answer some questions.  This is like a what I am calling a technical specification manual.   Inside are prices and specs for the various boats that were being sold by Chris Craft.  Some of the models include (but are no limited to): Sea Fox Sea Shifts, Model No. 500,501,502, C 503, C 504, 505, 506, C 507, F 508,  510,511, C 512, 513, C 514, C 515, F 516, 517, F 518, 519, 520, 521, 522, and others 523


Typed additional notes


These are Standard Utility, Deluxe Utility, Deluxe Runabout, Double Cockpit Forward Runabout, Special Race Boat, Custom Runabout, and others.  The manual – as I am calling it – gives prices, horsepower card, drive, weight, cost and he freight cost.  It also talks about the Chris-Craft Motor – Model C, Model A 120, Model Ac PC, A 70Crown KM Majestic and others. Talks about the construction features, approved accessories i.e. anchor, anchor rope, bearings, box seat, carpet, chairs, chocks, cockpit coverings, covers – full canvas, curtain rods, compass, dinghy, cushions, fenders, fire extinguisher, fish box, galley lining, instrument panels, ladders, mast paddle, pump, radio, stove, skeg, and more.  Talks about model record by boat length, propeller wheel data, hoists, freight rates, list of well know people who own Chris-Crafts (at the time) ,finance plans offered, price lists, specifications for the various Chris Craft models with images on the front and specifications on the back and a lot more. A  unique find.  Also included are a few original black and white photos the salesman used. 


Approved Accessories


Hull Numbers


Lycoming Motors.So are they Engines or Motors, I know there is a debate over the propor use of the term.


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  1. Frank N. Stein
    Frank N. Stein says:

    Thats a neat book, but outta my price range. Ill be interested in seeing the bid history and who gets it tho… I think the seller should give Matt a cut of the proceeds for promoting it for him! $$

    The Engine vs Motor , and proper use thereof, has always been of great interest and amusement to me… (Lycoming motor ref)

  2. Ferdinand
    Ferdinand says:

    I bailed at my high bid of $401. Hope whoever gets it scans it and makes it available. That was my intention.

  3. gene porter
    gene porter says:

    Key question
    What was the wattage of bulbs in the sidelights installed in factory Chris Crafts before WWII; what is the wattage of the bulbs installed in the sidelights of the new CCs/ (Not LED bulbs)

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