Mr B Loves Woody B…oating.


That is one happy chappy!

For the record, there isn’t much that Mr B doesn’t like. He loves everyone and everything. Loves a road trip, and now the ultimate test. A woody boat. Not just the trawler, which doesn’t really give Mr B what he loves. The wind in his hair. With WECATCHEM running like a 320 hp sewing machine, he jumps at the chance to go to the Railway.

WECATCHEM at the office!

He stands like this for most of the ride.

Lots of fur

Lets ride

No smoke or back presure smell!


And for those of you that want more info on the V8 switcharoo. Stay tuned. Lots of learning and trial and error stuff. I had some very specific things I wanted and the little things took the most time.


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  1. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    ugghhh I am not sure I would let my pooches get they sharp toenails on those seat cushions…but hey…its a boat..use it.
    Good to see you and Suzy out and about on those amazing summer days…mild as fall….rock on Mr. B!

    John in Va.

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