My Grandfathers Flags!

Today I am going to get rather artsy fartsy on things. Pictured are my Grandfathers two star Admiral Flag, and a wonderful linen 48 star flag. They usually sit on a shelf, but today here in Reedville the town is celebrating the 4th and I thought why not get all American on Sweet Pea.

It’s a rather large flag

A funny thing happens when flags like this fly. It becomes summer, and all around things are magical and reminders of simple iconic things that remind me of family and warm summer nights.

Tattered but beautiful textures that still hold power

Flags in motion

America, transparent, and true

Side by side!

She has a little tear. And yes I know she needs to be retired.

But she still loves a good wind

The other things around the house are all screaming American Summer at its best

Sunflowers in the garden are here

Hydrangeas are still in bloom

So are the ever multiplying Day Lilys

My favorite view

America in Bottles!

American craftsmanship 1948

American Craftsmanship 1958

American Craftsmanship 1968

The weather is still perfect, and if you took this week week off, drive home in the morning. It will feel like an entire extra day of vacation, and traffic wont be so bad! Let’s Go boating!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Had day lilys on a salad Friday night. It turns out they are edible and have a great flavor. Who knew?

  2. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    Old and tattered but not forgotten. Replaced by a new younger one on the boat. Hey! Do we want more younger…

  3. Gary Gowans
    Gary Gowans says:

    I could see myself doing a painting of the garden gate scene and the th about under the shed if the view was back just a bit.
    Great post. I got my 48 star flag out yesterday and put it on the wall of my garage. First time I’ve had it out since I got it in Jr. High.

  4. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Liking the flower shots not to mention the flags. Freezing cold and flooding over here but in just under 4 weeks I’ll be heading over your way. Cant wait!

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