Naming Party – Stinky’s Engine Needs A Name?

No name manifold

When we installed the used H from Dave VanNess we had to get a new manifold, the one on the older H was a slight different style. Remember Stinky is the 25th Barrel back made, so she has some old stuff, including that dreadful Aluminum Head. But the new manifold came sans a Chris Craft Logo in the metal. WHAT? Well, as it turns out this is kinda a common thing. Back in the day a model K was a kinda universal engine. So manifolds where made with no logo. Kinda cool. There is a plate that goes there. BUT, I am thinking why not name the engine, and put some cool lettering in that area. Like “Grease Slapper”, Or “Stinkerbelle”, kinda fits the rat image. So today, I need your help. She needs a name. Have you named your engine?

Vintage name

Fits the image

As you can see, I have gotten to know the Engine rather intimately! Yikes.

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Never having smelled the boat but reading a lot about it’s infamous odor, maybe “Hauling Ass” fits.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I think the countdown clock is way off. Pre-events are more like 5 days away, and I won’t be there to get the party really started until a week from Thursday.

  3. jim g
    jim g says:

    Its more like the foundry didn’t press the Chris Craft plate into the sand.

    I’ve had K manifolds were Chris Craft is upside down.

  4. FrankatFalmouth
    FrankatFalmouth says:

    OK Im late to the party today, and need a break from serious stuff so let me throw out some to some already good suggestions… and to add on to some of the creative ones..

    Stinky’s 6 (as in watch your 6 and other rearend connotation
    Stinkys GasPasser
    Rat Poop-eller (de-smeller )
    Rat-itude repower
    Rodent-Ride (redone)
    Stinkys slinky 6
    Rat (rodent) pusher

    ok, thanks for the fun… See you this Saturday at Reedville!

  5. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    I have never named one of the many engines I’ve owned over the course of my life, but my go to name for any engine that’s not running right is Piece of S—T!!!!

  6. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks so much for your ideas. Fun stuff. I belly laughed all day! Here are some of my faves. The thing to remember as part of the choice is its an engine, and should have an engine style name. Some of the names were great boat names. Here are the faves.

    Gas Pass Special
    Gas Passer
    Mighty Mouse
    Reedville Rocket
    Special K, which is obvious I am not sure why that wasnt brought up sooner.
    But if the engine was named in 1937 Not sure Special K was a thing? Mighty Mouse was, Gas Passer is Rat Rod like and fits the theme of stinky so well.

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