Nautical Home Bars. Now You Can Have Foster Brooks Over!

Finally! You can drink and go woody boating again….in your basement. Just think, every little drinky you have you are closer to actually thinking you are out on your boat. Now all you need is a small fridge that looks like a jet ski so you can run into it on the way to go upstairs! All kidding aside this is one fine bar, and the folks at Barina Craft clearly know these old boats. The detail is fantastic. Real mahogany , steam bent and what ever custom stuff you may want. Like if you want a pre war bar, I am sure you could insist on flat head screws… and for those of you wondering who Foster Brooks is…click here.

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    FRANCHINI says:

    They are beautiful, but for $16,000 I think I will just bring a cooler of beer along for a actual boat ride.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    I see it this way, if you are in the market for your own custom bar, you are probably toasted most of the time. And thus 16,000 bucks wont seem so expensive! Its still very cool though…

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Check out the May 2009 issue of "Cabin Life" magazine for interesting reuse of old junky boats. Wet bar, table, desk, bed….

    I was in that home recently. WOW!


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