Neiman Marcus See’s The Classic Boat Lifestyle Light!

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Thanks to Bob “Have I got a calender for you”Kays for finding this yesterday. Looks like Neiman Marcus has discovered what we all already know. The ultimate fantasy gift is a Classic Boat, You can click here and whisk away in true Hacker dream like zipping along the water fashion. Then maybe you can order a can of Neiman Marcus Limited edition Varnish.. And we will be offering .. for only 1,000.. no wait..$999.. A Woody Boater Limited edition 5 gallon plastic bucket.. Wait, it’s no ordinary white plastic bucket. It’s numbered.. That’s right, we are only making 10, just like this Hacker.. You can use it on the Hacker.. Just in case… We will line it with purple fur for an extra $3,000.. All kidding aside, this is a huge boost for Hacker and the lifestyle we all enjoy.. The more I see of these boats.. I gotta say.. IT’S COOL AS SHIP! DAMMMMMMMM, Watch the video. Our hats are off to Neiman Marcus for finding a very cool fantasy gift!!!! Wooohooo Oh, and if you get one, tell them Woody Boater sent you….

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I would get one of these if my wife would let me smoke cigars. It would be a shame to own one and not use the custon humidor! LOL


  2. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Love the picture of Chad & Lily on the header!

    Good for Nieman’s! Not sure about the purple bottom and gold leaf boot stripe? Or maybe we will all do that before next years International show, hmmm?

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    I’m ok with the gold leaf but the purple bottom? And darn if anyone would be smoking and spilling ashes while aboard. That said does it come stocked with Cubanos with gold leaf? Looks like a sweet ride though.

  4. chad
    chad says:

    Thanks, I feel honored and special to be used as a WoodyBoater header photo.

    More special than the guy in his fancy, $250,000, limited edition, purple-bottomed humidor.

  5. matt
    matt says:

    If you have to ask how much… this is one of those lifestyles that can bleed you dry.. Or vintage airplanes, now there is a whopper.. I must say that for a brand new Hacker with all that cool stuff, it isnt that out of line.. And you have a very special.. VERY special boat that makes a new boat cool.. Gives it some .. how should I say…je ne sais quoi And yes I spelled it right!

    • Pumpkin
      Pumpkin says:

      That’s the name they need to put on the transom in gold leaf with a purple outline! Or, if not that, the Purple Humidor!

  6. ranger
    ranger says:

    how cool…

    wish more folks knew about the wooden boats and how much fun the folks are…

    another fun article for the scrapbook!

  7. matt
    matt says:

    Those damm lily pads, i swear, its the dirtiest trick in the book.. Ya walk up to that train wreck of a boat and see the lily pads, and that cute little girl in her trailer and you cant help but judge it to be the best sportsman in the country.. I am telling you, its a trick!

  8. chad
    chad says:

    This is true.

    I forgot to bring them to the International show. People usually stop and take pictures of the boat with the lillies, but without them, they just walk on by. And those that did stop, asked “where are your lillies?”

  9. Texx
    Texx says:

    I only wish every day could start at 6:00AM like the morning Chad & I went out on Geneva Lake in Lily. What a great way to start the day…

    Just two guys in a wooden boat, cruising across the lake as the sun came up. Then Jacob joined us in “NORM” – It was great!

  10. Kent
    Kent says:

    We chose the purple bottom and piping because NM wanted something different than our standard 27 Sport. The gold leaf waterline, lack of teak swim platform, humidor, liquor cabinet, custom cabinetry, NM logo’s extras, higher rear deck crown, transom mounted underwater LEDs, and cover board colored quarter/trim rail make this boat a bit more unique, and that’s what NM was looking for.

    The purple bottom is dark enough it looks black in low light.

    So who would pony up $250k for a WoodyBoater Edition?


    • chad
      chad says:

      Kent, take no offense to the purple comments out there. It truly is a stunning boat, no matter what the color. It’s the extra touches that make it a one-of-a-kind. I’d love to own one but I think I fall into the $2,500 boat class.

      • Kent
        Kent says:

        None taken! Just explaining some of the marketing thoughts….and I’m with you, doesn’t fall in by personal budget, but I do get to build and test drive them – priceless!

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      It does sound weird, but… I was expecting Matt to comment on that.

      OK – How about two friends in a wooden boat.

    • Brian Robinson
      Brian Robinson says:

      I thought the same thing, Chad… But if you look at it when it is on plane it is there from the chime to the cutwater.

    • Kent
      Kent says:

      The gold leaf waterline extends all the way to the bow and meets under the cutwater. I believe when the video was taken the boat was very light on fuel, tank is in the rear. Waterline looks right with the boat sitting at the dock, but with light fuel and someone in the front cockpit, it does look a bit low.

  11. brian
    brian says:

    What bonehead smokes on a wood boat loaded with petrol?

    No doubt the Coast Guard is tickled pink about this folly: Booze. Fire. Wood. Petrol. KABOOM.

    Are my rates at Hagerty going to inch up if they decide to insure these ten beauties?

    When Bugatti introduced their $300k Veyron a few years back, it took a week for some new owner to destroy their new toy. With this lethal combination of factors, I fear that it will be a season before we see a story here on WB about one heading to the bottom.

    And not to nitpick, but for $250k I would have liked to see a little fridge for my Grey Poupon.

    Beautiful craft – esp at speed though.

    • Kent
      Kent says:

      Brian, the humidor is removable….and there is no cigar lighter on board….so hopefully the owners will pull up to their favorite island or beach and light up on shore.

      It does have a refrigerator with stainless steel door in the starboard side walk through.

  12. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    My ’36 Garwood has the original cigar lighter in the dash panel – and it’s a streamline utility…:)

  13. 'Bone Daddy' Deems
    'Bone Daddy' Deems says:

    Our 1960 26″ Flagship is named ‘Perfecto’ after a cigar shape…and yes (if we’re very careful) we can smoke on it. Nothing like old wood, good ‘wikee’ and a fine Cuban cigar to round out a day on the water!

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