New 2020 T-Shirt Designs For Lake Dora In 40ish Days

New Mer-maid In The USA T

It’s that time of year when we unload the past and bring in the new.. t shirts for the Woody Boater 2020. This year we will have 3 new designs. Okay, these two and a mystery one to be announced. We are continuing the Cushion Series with two obscure ones, but are very cool.

The original Cushion

Amazing Rare Early babe cushion.

Ever seen this cushion. I hadn’t.. WOW

As always these will be at Lake Dora only, and the left overs if any moved to the Stuff Store later. We will be closing the Stuff Store soon to move all the inventory to be sold at Lake Dora, so if there is something you want , do it now.

The What Knot? T

The Cushion

Out Board T


The original cushion

Flotation Device T

The Cushion

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Nice mermaid shirt. And to think that supposedly it was early sailors at sea for too long that thought manatees in the new world were mermaids.

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