Do We Have A New Biggest Balls Winner?

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I call this the 'Crazy" old man and the sea!

This could be a painting. The best part id the poor people in the middle.. Now that is a fun boat ride!

If you have an impression that going to boat shows is a boring day standing on docks and talking bung holes, you may want to sit down. Cause nothing could be farther from the truth. To be honest and transparent, I thought the big ACBS International Show would be a bunch of trailer queens sitting in the water with people all standing around talking about Grey Poupon. WAS I ever wrong! Most of the folks at this years show were there to go boating. No matter what the weather.

Ska stlk9

Hold on!

Embrace it!

Embrace it!

Nothing exemplifies this more than the little 17′ Chris Craft that we spotted out in the 3-4 foot rollers going down the lake.  M-fine, Karen Harrison and I took off and chased that sucker hoping he would make it, and ready if he needed help. After I got the photo of course.. Sorry David Konick, you now have some competition! You got one thing going for you David, We have no idea who this is! No one dared to stop!

skan stalk 100

Headed out for more!


Skan stalk tight

Uncle Bob, you said this would be fun..


Skan Stalk55

A moment of calm-ish





ska- stalk20

Ohhhh yeah!


And back to todays header. , Thanks again to M fine and karen for saying hey lets go! It was worth it to see the real Woody Boater in all of us out there!

This shot captured it all. Crazy Uncle, good pal, and the two suckers who agreed to go boating!

This shot captured it all. Crazy Uncle, good pal, and the two suckers who agreed to go boating!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It looks a lot calmer in the pictures!

    We were bouncing around so much in the chase boat, I kept getting Matt’s camera and lenses wet with spray coming over the windshield.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Love It, LOVE IT!

    Matt you are going to have to hunt this Chris Craft riding cowboy down. Seems like a fun guy. Our kind of people!

  3. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Looks like typical Lyman weather to me. Hope the bilge pump is working in that Chris Craft. Haha. Glad to see the boats away from the dock though…having fun like they were made to do. Enjoy.

  4. mike k
    mike k says:

    whats the big deal, i guess none of you have been on geneva lake on a weekend.

    and now with those new wake boats that put up that giant surfing wave! those things should be outlawed!


  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Nice action photos.

    Ok. The gauntlet is down. Next year, I’ll have to take my 15′ Cavalier out on Huron in high winds to show you people what riding really BIG waves is like.

    Or maybe not… Damn scared stuff. Not to be messed with. And I kinda like the little boat.

    Buk buk.

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Big Ball Challenge – Try this in mid April at ice out on Muskoka in a Disappearing Propellor Boat (Dippy)

  7. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Dodging ice in mid April on the way to the Dippy annual meeting (AGM) at the Grace and Speed Museum, Lake Muskoka, Gravenhurst Ontario.

  8. Dave
    Dave says:

    Come on, you guys got to be kidding. First of all, it ain’t that very rough. Second of all, they’re on a lake, they could swim home. Third of all, there is no blood on the deck and there are no possible sharks. Gimme a break, the windshield ain’t even got spray on it.

  9. Jim Godlewski
    Jim Godlewski says:

    The person in the middle found a nice place to hunker down.
    I didn’t realize you could ride there….

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      There were actually TWO people hunkered down in the middle. I don’t think they were on a seat or in an approved riding position.

  10. cutwaterguy
    cutwaterguy says:

    Was the bailer still hooked up in the sportsman? if not how much water did it take on? Back 35 years ago both my boats had the bailers installed, i’m glad they were more than once.

  11. reddog
    reddog says:

    The guy in the back seat of the header and last photo is holding up two fingers, is he saying? Hey there’s two other people on this boat you don’t see. Or.. This is the second attempt to get up the lake. Or. Hey there’s two biggest balls drivers out there..

  12. brian t
    brian t says:

    oh boy. A few things. Who in the world sits around chatting about bung holes? I would agree with Dave – there is no blood about and they could swim home sans sharks if things went horribly wrong. And I am going to go way out on a limb here, but I don’t think that it was this dude’s first time at this sort of behaviour. I mean, look at that grip on the rope, the calm look on his face, they way he leans into each wave, and nothing but a half-assed grip on the wheel. And that hat – clearly he is prepared like a one of the Three Amigos at not losing his hat due to the strap. And that Peace-nic man in the rumble seat – he’s thinking, “Crap, this is my only pair of dry skivveys.” Dave is still the king of the balls, but this man is just as wacko in my book !

    • matt
      matt says:

      FOR THE RECORD! Ans Mfine, and Karen harrison are my witnesses, we actualy did talk about the bungs on the small barrel Back next to us! One had popped out! I cant make this up! It actualy happened..

  13. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    Have to agree with those above that Dave still wins due to be 30 miles out to sea…
    As an Eagle Scout and strong supporter of boating safety, I am extremely disappointed at the complete lack of PFDs… I get that this is definitely not the slippers first rodeo but why are the scared, wet, passengers not wearing them? To me this is really bad publicity for ACBS.

  14. William Hammond
    William Hammond says:

    My mother, who grew up on Munising Bay, Lake Superior always maintained that she wouldn’t go out on the big Lake in anything less than 36′. I always wondered why and when I asked her she replied because that was the size she thought would best be able to take the waves and bring back everyone safely. It turns out that my Grandfather, while never a Boatwright, did work on many of the engines in those boats. He was the Service Manager for the only new car dealership in town. He went out many times with the Coast Guard or the local boat towing service to service the engines of stalled out boats. HE’S the one who set the 36′ “safe for Lake Superior boating” standard! Hence, my boat!

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