New Fun Film Of The Detroit Yacht Club And Gar Wood in 1926.

Gar Wood does a little dance near the end.

Gar Wood does a little dance near the end.

Thanks to Fellow Woody Boater Tom Frye who sent us this cool film put together by  long time Woody Boater Bob Shapton.  Bob has an extensive collection of Gar Wood photographs and some rare film footage. I mean he has some very cool stuff. Anything you have seen on ebay, he has. Thanks to Bob for making a bunch of this stuff for us to see. There is some real cool stuff here. Old woody boats, sail boats, hot babes…and even Mr Wood himself.

Fun speed boat rides that no doubt thrilled the passengers.

Fun speed boat rides that no doubt thrilled the passengers.

Well worth the 10 minutes of your life you would normally be wasting on other stuff. Like sitting in traffic, talking to your spouse… Not mine, no.. no sir, this is in no way a reflection of my time. I am just trying to make a joke.. Oh god. I am digging a deeper hole? Arn’t I? Darn video.. don’t watch it then. Spend time with your spouse..

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  1. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Wow! Life before income tax. I wish I had a time machine. Everyone was so skinny and well dressed. Great film.

  2. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    The first income tax act was passed in 1861 to help pay for the Civil War. It was 3% of all incomes over $800. Following acts were passed in 1894 & 1895. The 16th amendment which made income tax permanent was passed in 1916. History not-withstanding – it looks like those folks were having a great time in much the manner we do today with one exception: Nobody in the movie is walking around with a cell phone or an ipad in plastered to their ears. Therefore they had much more time to dance………………

  3. Gary
    Gary says:

    The Grumman Goose first test flight was in 1937. Gar Wood was party to the group of investors that commissioned the design of the goose for commuting between Long Island and NY City.
    Of all the different aircraft I have flown the Goose is my favorite.

  4. Bob Shapton
    Bob Shapton says:

    Pulled this out of the collection.
    Here’s a photo of Woods new Grumman Goose, December 13, 1937. This photo taken upon delivery at City Airport, Detroit. More photos to follow…

  5. Terry (tuobanur) Limehouse
    Terry (tuobanur) Limehouse says:

    And you can see that boating then had the same effect as it does now, every one was smiling… 🙂

  6. Bob Shapton
    Bob Shapton says:

    Gar admitted somewhere in my files that his favorite amphibian was this stunning 8 passenger Fairchild F-91. Only eleven were ever built. Near the beginning of the war, he donated it to the American Air Ambulance service, painted RAF colors and it’s intent was to fish Hurricane and Spitfire pilots shot down out of the English Channel. This photo taken July 28, 1936, also at City Airport, Detroit. He paid 75,000 for this aircraft, I think I have a copy of the receipt!

  7. Bob Shapton
    Bob Shapton says:

    While we’re talking about Gar Wood and aircraft, there’s some information I’d like to share to my fellow boat enthusiasts regarding Tin Can. You may remember this boat from earlier articles and discussions, one of which was on Woodyboater. Tin can is a 19.5′ Aluminum constructed Sedan. Powered by a Chrysler Crown. It’s labeled a Gar Wood, has Pre & Post War hardware and instruments on it. This boat is very likely a joined effort between Northrup and Gar Wood. I have documentation between Northrup and Wood, stating Northrup’s desire to produce small aluminum boats and wanted to begin the program with a 18ft prototype. Northrop had a relationship with Gar, and the contact was made. Gar Wood had his factory prepare a special set of frames for his current 18′ hull, which could be knocked down for shipping, and righted at Northrup for skinning with aluminum. The men on the project invited Gar for testing upon completion of the project.
    Tin Can would be the 20 ft version of this prototype program.
    I’ll send along images of the letters tonight. Boom!

  8. brian t
    brian t says:

    Love the old film footage.

    I get a kick seeing these guys all dressed in white from head to toe sitting behind engines that spew oil and grime. Pure class.

  9. JFunk
    JFunk says:

    The clip was fantastic. A real treasure. Will hang on to that one. Kept expecting to see Steve Buscemi from Boardwalk Empire walk through the scene.

    • Bob Shapton
      Bob Shapton says:

      The letters prove that there was communication between Gar Wood and Northrup, who are interested in producing boats in aluminum. This in itself gives the boat Tin Can both some credibility and certainly pedigree from either company, which is what we’re all after. The letters speak of an 18 footer, not a 19-6, which is Tin Can’s length. While it doesn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt it’s a Gar Wood vessel, it provides the beginning of a story, with some real facts. Hopefully we find more. Tis fascinating to say the least!

  10. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Shouldn’t that be “BEER CAN”? Great video and archival info, thanks for sharing. Back when a business would actually work with you.

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