New Interior On The way. Wooohoooo!


The leather is in after 6 weeks of custom rubbing and massaging. First they had to raise special water cows, feed them sikoflex, and rub there hides with teak oil. Then they had to talk them into killing themselves for the cause so as to not bruise there hides. After that the color had to be matched using small tribesman from the Jungles of Brazil who have special color things in there eyes. After each job they retire.. They can for the cost by the way… After that the leather is hand carried to the upholstery guy in a brinks truck. Once the upholstery guy gets it he hand stitches each stitch and then throws away the needle, this part uses a ton.. yes a ton of needles. OK actually 1500 ponds of needles. OK after that I finely get the seats. Dear god. At least that is how it feels waiting. The good news, I did get a small sample of the leather.