New Old Stock Chris-Craft Tune Up Kit – With Some Extra Points For The Judges

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 8.07.43 AMImagine yourself at a fancy pants classic boat show, now imagine that your perfect 100pt boat is up against another 100pt boat. And you have this set of parts sitting in a storage area on the boat. It’s not a point maker, but it could be a tie breaker. Its the little small details that can sometimes put your boat over the top. NOS PArts Chris Craft 2The right oil can, the right spark plug wires. Forget the right screw. Those can be purchased new. But the beauty of New Old Stock is that it’s like it was.. well.. New! The way the factory wanted you to do it.

NOS Chris Craft Part1

Great graphics

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 8.07.50 AM

The news paper that was in the box had this date on it.

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  1. Jim Guidry
    Jim Guidry says:

    Not as old, but I found this for my classic Donzi… it is an original Holman Moody gauge package, complete and in the box. Produced in 1970. With installation instructions!

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