New Year, New Day. Slide Show Day!

Close up of Uncle Morty. I love slides because they feel like they were shot yesterday. And that look is almost impossible to create today. Love the speed boat in the background. July 1959

Thanks to ebay, if you look hard enough you can find all sorts of interesting images of classic boats before they were..well…classic. They were just boats. So if you like any of these slides, they are on ebay. But for the rest of us here, its a slide show. So we will drop the needle on the record player and wait for the beep. There is a flash back.. Along with Ditto sniffing!

Its heating up!

Eddie’s! This is in New Jersey

I have no idea what that guy on the right is wearing

She is pissed her photo is being taken. 1966- But no one will see it? Oh boy!

An amazing series of family fun. Uncle Morty there is a hit in all family situations.

Marge on the left is not amused -1959

Lake Whatchamacallit

Dates on the slide series on ebay

Speaking of background boats. Is that a U22

I love the simple ordinaryness of this photo. No selfie pose crap. Just Bob in the Garage after cleaning the boat

This is so California or Nevada. Hot rod cool

Car Topper

I am always baffled by how boats were launched back in the day. I sweat at the ramp, this in an old Bel Air must have been a trick.

Okay… Okay.. Now, here you are on a boat on vacation. Start digging thinking no one will see you go for the green gold, and Bam 30 years later you are all over ebay and this website. Love the look of horror on the girls face upper right. She caught it.

So there ya have it. Slide Show Day. Is this a worthy day? None of these are worthy of a story, or maybe they are? Maybe you will see some image from your past? maybe thats you brother digging? Happy New Year!


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    • Kelly Wittenauer
      Kelly Wittenauer says:

      Looks like the portable docks that were common on the Fox chain of lakes in IL, when we lived there 2005-2011. Ice meant they needed to be removed for the winter.

  1. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    “…before they were..well…classic. They were just boats.”

    I have an old Chapman’s “Piloting Seamanship” and a newer 1970s edition. I love the old edition because all the photo examples are “just boats” of that era, mahoganys, triples, utilities, runabouts–boat porn. The newer edition is all plastic I/O’s, no fun to look at.

    Happy New Year Matt and all.

  2. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    The picture with the U-22,(could be). The guy in the water “gets it”. You just know he’s a Woodyboater!!!

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    I think the girl in the bikini would like to be in Troys collection. Once again Happy New. Year🎈 how about a WB virtual New Year’s Eve party next year.

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Hark ! Here it is 12:30 and just getting to Weody Boater…Must have been a great party…Wonder if they dropped that ball on my head ?… Looked outside….Everything a blurr…Then checked weather report..” Clouds, overcast, humidity 95% visibility 50 ft.” Maybe I’m not so bad off after all..
    Happy New Year to all !

  5. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Happy New Year to all my WoodyyBoater friends. Looking forward to more traveling to classic boat shows this year, as long as I am healthy.
    Matt’s comment of how the lack of “improved ramps” was back in the day, I always marveled at this hornets mess depicted in this photo. It had to be very packed sand…

  6. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    That’s a great Dunphy molded veneer boat with Scott outboard motor in a number of these pics

    Photo attached is from the year 1966 with Rhude family and a few fishy. The boat is a 1964 T & T 18 ft. Breakers wood lapstrake outboard obtained in May 1965. Our family still has the boat

  7. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Here are a couple of old prints. Postcard of the cottages at the old club at the turn of the 1900s and then a picture these days.
    Then one of Algonac area.

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