No Last Gasp Story, So You Get A Tool Box!

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-2-12-59-pmLooks like no one last gasped this weekend that wants to share the joy of a nice fall run. You do know no one is watching you? It’s a metaphor, the last true run of the season, the time spent with your friend, knowing you won’t be spending quality time with them for a while. That last true fun worry free day?

Here in VA its actually hot outside and in the 80’s so I get it, maybe global warming is wiping out the need for a last gasp? A Woody Boater tradition by the way. So since no Last Gasp stories came in, we are giving you this Century Factory????? Tool box on ebay. That’s right.. You went to all that effort to go to woody boater today and you get a tool box. Is it really a factory tool box? Or just some tool box with a Century logo on it? mmmmmm


Exciting? NOT! Wouldn’t it be great to see a beautiful classic boat out on the water running though the autumn leaves? YES! And trust us, there is more boredom out there, more Lamps, ..a stickers with boys peeing on boats,  with a boat on it. Its up to you.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It is going to be 80 way up north today, but the boats are on the hard, docks on the beach, and the snow blower is ready for a pre-season tune up.

  2. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    with the AGM way out west in Tahoe a funeral and a wedding My boat has not been wet since Mid August. ugg.. Shes winterized and ready to go to Florida. going to be a long winter. so no fall colours from up here., atleast from a boat. no link to ebay on that authentic tool box

  3. Shannon K
    Shannon K says:

    We didn’t realize it, but this run on September 20th turned out to be our Last Gasp… it was a beautiful night.

  4. Patrick Kaniff
    Patrick Kaniff says:

    On Thursday my partner and I brought AquaVelvet, our 1968 36′ CC Caviler across the lake from Chicago to Grand Haven Michigan, tied up for the night, and in the morning up the Grand River to our winter storage.
    A great journey to cap a great season!

    • Dennis J Mykols
      Dennis J Mykols says:

      Patrick, my home port is Grand Haven, how far up the River did you go? i would love to see that classic cruiser.

      • Patrick
        Patrick says:

        Dennis, we are up at River Haven Marina…its on 120th ave.
        Dave Lenger is the owner and is really good to work with.
        Come on down and see her… still in the water, look for the red hull…she was refitted with small diesel engines years ago by the previous owner and taken on The Great Loop…always been a Lake Michigan boat.
        What boat do you have?

  5. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    That’s not just a 36′ Cavalier, it’s a Double Cabin 36′ Cavalier!! Very nice! And that Red looks good on her!!

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