“No Offense But Things Are Getting A Little Dull On Woody Boater.”

The bottom

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Rich for the note yesterday. He sent me this note “No offense but things are getting a little dull on Woody Boater” and a link to a cool Shepard on ebay. its cool. But how low can Woody Boater get, what is our bottom of the curve? I mean take it to the lowest point possible. Lets bottom this sucker out. And then, ebay delivered. A new low, a new useless waste of a story, and proof that after 12 years of this, it is possible to be inspired by this.

Needs a little cleaning

Yup. Drain Covers. OH, we are so beyond the kitchen sink here, which I think we have covered. This is about the drain strainers on ebay of a kitchen sink. Even screws are more interesting. For the record, if you are so deep into your cruiser restoration that having the correct Sink plugs is on your list. You are so broke you cant afford these.

This is what the bottom of the barrel looks like

So this is possibly it. The bottom, the drain, and tomorrow, hope, a renewal, and maybe, maybe we will find a story on a toilet or zipper up lifting.

Ya miss these days do ya?

Which Zipper pull is correct for a 1959 Chris Craft cover?

The sink story was kinda cool

I have tried it all. Even pleasuring my old outboard. Hey it worked.

Yup.. We did this as well.

I think we also did a story once on the art of the cleat. It is kinda cool.

I need to back to bed, this story is putting me to sleep! Happy Header day. You know what to do!



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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt I have to give you credit. My attention span is usually 6 months to two years and I have been reading WB for like 8 years now.

    Unfortunately not even “Header Day” is working for me today. I hit refresh and all I keep seeing is Stinky pulling WECATHUM.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Ha, its set on Header day, not sure how that is happening. Thats a fun header. When days like that happen its a fun morning to write.

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Sheperd boat company had a new model like that on display at the Racine ACBS Show a couple years back. It was in raw wood and showed some awesome wood working.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    We are getting closer to actual boating. Our docks were supposed to go in on Saturday, but that was delayed due to COVID…no, maybe Murder Hornets….no, how about a freakin’ blizzard in May!!

    They finally made it in yesterday. Now we have two more nights with temps in the 20’s and then Spring is scheduled to arrive Thursday.

    Perfect boating weather? “Prepare for get hammered in 3…2…1…”

  4. Steve in the woods
    Steve in the woods says:

    Friend finishing 27 footer that has pair of Y-block, Thunderbird 312’s. Know that will sound off!

  5. Mark in Ohio (dreaming of da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (dreaming of da U P ) says:

    Don’t worry about getting too low Matt. Us commenters will always pull you up. You supply th spark, we can supply the fuel and compression. Sometimes even the right timing. Have we not supplied you and your readers with, words of wisdom, cool boat pictures, and don’t forget the babes! As I remember Foghat even played on YouTube here a couple of times. I like to think were all in this together. Get Out There, Go Boating!

  6. Briant
    Briant says:

    Little dull on WB huh? The other day I was accused of just stirring up a pot full of sh!t for the hell of it. I was asking a serious question but oh well.

    Anyways, I guess to help liven things up, I’ll poke a stick into that hive full of Murder Hornets…..with this tidbit….

    Why do I always see wood boats on trailers on the WB site with no tie downs at the stern???

    The rear of our boat is tied down like that poor bugger in the old movie Misery. But many of you old dudes don’t bother with anything other than the single line at the front. Are you old farts still under the thinking that it is better to be thrown clear of the flipping race car rather than have a seat belt on as the thinking was decades ago?

    Plastic boats have tie down loops on the transom to make it east to lock that butt to the trailer. Wood boats most of the time do not have those, so it appears that the thinking is the ass doesn’t need to be tied down.

    Thoughts? C’mon….argue. Let me have it. Get that blood pressure going….

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      I throw a strap over the stern of my boats, since even the glass PY doesn’t have tie down loops.

      BUT…If I were to send a picture to Matt with an ugly strap in the way, he would photoshop it out. You always have to remember that anything and everything in WoodyBoaterville could be just an illusion. Except the murder hornets.

  7. Scott M
    Scott M says:

    Shepherd not Shepard! Chris Johnson had a 24’ twin v-drive. Would sure like to find one.

  8. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    hey woody adman
    the admiral noticed 2 things during this time
    less junk mail
    and all the sappy commercials that the big guys are putting out about the virus and how they are there for us, they all have a piano sound track on the high keys.
    what say you?

    ps, hoping to start the cadillac crusader today, ill try to video it.

  9. Clay at Cross Lake
    Clay at Cross Lake says:

    While I picked up on some of the images in the covid ad over the last few days, I hadn’t seen the video until now. One of the funniest things you’ve done! If Woodyboater were located in the UK, they’ll hand you an Arrows Award. All of the fabulous boat content aside, keep giving us something to chuckle about as often as you like. It’s good for us all.

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