NOS Windshields – Get Out Your Ruler!


New Old Stock

Do you have a crappy old plexi windshield and can never see out of it? Has a crack? Or some lame ass aftermarket crap installed in the 80’s by a hack Marina that couldn’t find an orignial? Well, someone up in Michigan must have found a huge collection of them, cause they all showed up on eBay this morning.



Why the story is a tad late. Now, you will need to make sure the one is right for you. So that part is on you. But Cavaliers abd some late 50’s early 60’s Chris Crafts had these in Glass, which are insane hard to find. So be sure you even need a plastic one. Wirlwinds had plastic, and countless other plastic boats did as well. Hope you find what you need here.

Make sure you know your size


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  1. jim g
    jim g says:

    Cavilers in the early 60’s had this style windshield in plastic. The Supersports had a different style called the Speedsport made by Taylor that was tempered glass. Which Taylor started making with plastic instead of glass in the 70’s.

    Almost every outboard small boat used these from the 60’s through the late 70’s.

  2. Les Best
    Les Best says:

    Have a repop 3 piece utility frame. Came from Harnson Island 25 years ago. Never installed

  3. Pete
    Pete says:

    The 58 Capri had the boxy style windscreen also but hard to tell if it would fit from the photo.

  4. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    My first boat was a 1960 CC 17 Sportsman and it had a windshield just like one of these, I think it was a Taylor made, The ’60 Ski boats came with one that had the metal band across the yop.

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