Now You Can Also Show Your Woody Barker Love In Your Home!


Thanks to the amazing artistry of Marilynn Dwyer Mason. You can own a high quality 40″ x 30″ reproduction on artist canvas stretched on wooden stretcher bars. This is a limited edition of only 500 prints. Includes rustic birch bark frame.  High quality giclee canvas print created with archival inks on real artist canvas. All your artsy friends will be impressed. The rest of us will just stare at your of old oil cans and bung hole collection! Ya see that Bung, is from a barrel back, and that bung, its an original bung from a 193……. Get the painting, its a far better conversation piece. Click here at the Antique Boat America Store to find out more..

And a couple of Woody Bowser shots from our friend Harry Wilson in Muskoka Lakes, Canada. Harry commented “Texx – You gotta LOVE the Woody Barker theme this week… We hope it’s not too late to get a couple of our favorites shots in.”

And below from Alex Watson in Hessel, MI…

His name was Polar. He was a Chow-Retriever mix. We got him at the Indianapolis Humane Society at about 1-1/2 year old. We had him before we were married. He was a saint of a dog. Brought out everybody’s best side.

I had to put him to sleep when he was about 11, in 2007. We all miss him. The pic leaning over the seat back was taken en route to Mackinac Island from Hessel. It shows those ears floating in the wind. Something very peaceful about watching a dog loving the lake air.

The photo below shows his soulful eyes. He could look right into you with wonderful empathy.

Now you might be thinking that’s not a woody boat. And you’re right. It’s our 1998 Cobalt 232. Gorgeous lines. It will be a classic. Meanwhile take comfort knowing it came with the optional genuine wood dash. – Alex

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  1. Jerri
    Jerri says:

    Marilynn’s work is AMAZING! I have been salivating over her “Bear Craft” and “A ride in the boat” for ages. For anyone who has a woody, these paintings truly show the thrill of the ride.

  2. Ben
    Ben says:

    It will look great over my wagon wheel table, although I’ll have to take down the velvet Elvis…

  3. Janice Fipps
    Janice Fipps says:

    Hi Helen, it depends on the size and complexity of the oil painting that we’ve been asked to copy. We generally say to allow between 4 6 weeks from commissioning your art reproduction to delivery. Oils need time to dry before they can safely be delivered and some reproduction oil paintings need quite a few layers of paint too. Hope that helps! If you would like to know anything else please just ask.

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