Number 1 of 7 Only Built 1939 24’ Chris Craft 24 Utility Smith Boat. I So Want!


OH YEAH! Has it all! history, V8 And that cool Utility Lettering

As you all know we rarely feature boats for sale here. . So I even hesitate to do this, but this boat is beyond special and is being sold by some really great folks at The Wooden Runabout Company. Maybe it should be back in a “Smith Family”? Please someone buy this so I can move on. My marriage is being put to the test already with a home renovation and valve seal issues. All fixed BTW.

A cool drawing. Cool!

This is a very rare boat; one of seven ever built. This boat was completely gone over with a new 5200 bottom, double planked, ribbon grain book matched topsides and double planked decks. Excellent for the big water… “Tradition” won best “Chris Craft” at Hessel, Michigan and many other awards.

Simple and elegant

Wood everywhere!

1 of 7 Smith special boats.

This boat has a single exhaust 350 Chris Craft engine, completely gone over by CD’s engine of Hudsonville, MI. “Tradition” has a custom dual axle trailer with a folding tong which allows it to be stored in most garages. This boat is a big water boat that handles the waves without a problem and with the extra freeboard offered by the Sportsman/Utility hull is very dry. It comes with a dust cover and is stored indoors. Fresh water use only!

What a timeless look

See! What year is it?

A Michigan boat its entire life. It has the optional jump seat and is the “Suburban” of boat’s when needing to entertain, or have room for a family. The boat underwent a three year restoration with no expense spared. The bottom was installed in one day minimizing any compression set, getting uniform expansion throughout the entire bottom. Don Danenberg was present the day the restorer put the bottom on to take photos.

Get a Cigar and hat and go fishing.

Get the picture?

It has electronic ignition and runs on a 12 volt system. This model is one of the last years of the flat folding windshield models. This is hull # 1 of the 7 made. This was a Smith boat for its first two years and then sold. The topsides have not moved and look like glass. Drop it in and make a memory. Asking price is $73,900.00 priced well below what we have in it and well below replacement cost. You really need to see this boat to appreciate it.

That color combo is perfect

The Sister ship is Molly O which still resides on Harsens Island.  The only reason for selling is to help family finish College otherwise would keep it.



Here is the story on Molly-O that tells more of the story on these special series of boats. This is personal pals of the Smiths that all made custom 24 ft boats. WOW.  HERE

One of my all time fave boats!


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    You did just send Buttercup back to her family, so it would seem that there is room in shop for this one.

  2. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Number 1 of 7, a Smith family boat, Chris himself may have sat in it, Don Danenberg was present during the bottom work, and Jim Staib notes its a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    You know what to do, and we’re all watching and here to support with free comments.

    • JimF
      JimF says:

      I have been looking at this boat for the past few weeks. Perfect combination of history and usability. You better buy it before I do.

  3. Jeff Armstrong
    Jeff Armstrong says:

    As a member of the Armstrong family, I have taken many rides with Art & Jane on the Molly O. Even skied behind her. Massive credit goes out to Art for the time and effort keeping her in tip top shape. A family legacy we are all proud of!

  4. Ronald Ford
    Ronald Ford says:

    Come on Matt, Pull the trigger, All the comments above plus the sheer beauty of a prewar, What more could you ask for ? I prefer the prewar style just a littler better than post war but would be honored to be the keeper of either for my remaining days. You know what the right thing to do is.

  5. Runabout36
    Runabout36 says:

    Rumor has it when the boat was being restored a cigar butt was found in the bilge…it was DNA tested, and was confirmed to have Chris Smith’s DNA. Also supposedly the reason for the “flat” windshield is to allow the boat when the windshield was down to get the thru the many culvert tubes under the roads that led from the main channels (South, Middle and North) of Harsens Island into the inner island bays.

  6. Art
    Art says:

    Matt is there any way that you can contact me on this subject, I think you know my e mail addy and/or phone #. We should talk. Art

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Art if I call you, you will talk me into it, my wife will divorce me and I will be “that Guy” with way way too many boats. WAIT.. I am “that Guy” Okay, will get ahold of you. Dam you Art..

    • Mark in da U P
      Mark in da U P says:

      Saw that boat in Hessel. Simply beautiful! Heard it run. Sounded great! Buy it Matt, bring it to Hessel next year. Home of all the cool utilities.

  7. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    A former “Smith” boat being acquired by another Smith family, how could the Boatress argue that point.

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