Oh Cleopatra, You Cobra You!


Oh hell ya!

Fellow Woody Boater Guy Boucher sent us in some VERY cool shots and a bit of history behind this cool set up. It’s fantastic to see Bills Cobra  continue on her life as a jaw dropper and crowd pleasure. Here is Guys note to us! Take it away Guy.


Honey I’m home, I picked up a little something!

I must have looked and talked with everybody that had or previously owned a Cobra for two years before finding the most complete original one that I could find, with the Chrysler hemi and dual carburetors along with the original cradle and the 1957 Foreman MFG trailer.


It’s a Hemi!

I had many phone conversations with Mr. Bill Nicholson and his wife before he passed, who had owned the Cobra since August of 1955 for over 53 years. Serial #BR21-005. This cobra was on the cover of “The Brass Bell” in the spring of 2005 Volume XXI #1 along with the story “The Return of A Legend” from when it was shown for the first time in 1955 and when Bill Nicholson brought it back to the Chicago Boat Show in 2005.


El Capitola perfection

My car is a 1957 Chevrolet named “El Capitola” after the capitol of Sacramento, California. It was entirely constructed and fully customized in Carmichael near Sacramento by Sam Barris and then brought down to Linwood at George Barris’ shop where it was painted by Junior Conway.This was the last custom car that Sam and George collaborated together. It went on to win the “Full Custom Elegance Award” at the Oakland roadster show in 1960.

Guy restored the car after he retired from racing in Top Fuel. When he found the car, it still had all the radio controls on it and it took 5 years to restore it.

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    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Just for a little added fun, here is Guy and Connie on American Beauty.

      They are a fun Couple.

      There is a great back story to Guy buying this Cobra, you should get him to right it up for you Matt.

      PS: Now that Guy has his Cobra I think Connie should have a Connie.

  1. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    A lot of work went into the ’57 Chevy. Looking closely at the roof, the top was chopped and that’s a 4 door hardtop roofline as a 2 door hardtop roof was much shorter. But the 21′ Cobra is da Bomb. Glad Guy has preserved both. Its amazing that Guy is located in Maine and was a AA Top Fuel guy, unique for the state and he restored “TV” Tommy Ivo’s last front engine AA fuel dragster, a very historical piece in drag racing history.

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