Okay You Cheap $%(*@ard’s Pony Up!


Bob’s not cheap!

We tried this the nice museum way, now the WoodyBoater way. Our pals at THE Antique Boat Museum are doing lots of very cool stuff to keep this as fun as possible. Being a museum of Recreation on the water should try fun stuff. And with this in mind, we created a special way you can have your boat in the museum. IN THE MUSEUM! As in bragging rights. Join the Museum for $50.. And you will have your boat featured, $25 if you are already a member. ALL OF US, THEM, THOSE PEOPLE, YOU SHOULD BE MEMBERS!

Burton’s not cheap

Don’t think your boat is museum worthy? It is. Listen if Stinky can be inducted, which I am doing this morning. Anything is possible. Now, I know many of you, are cheap #^$&ards… But for the price of a can of Varnish, half a fill up, A week of fancy coffees, you can have your boat immortalized in The Museum. And be a member, and support our history.

WECATCHEM is now in a museum! AND I get to use her daily! WIN WIN..

The no one will see it argument. The Museum will be opening soon, and thats the rational part of the argument. Also the virtual panel is going to be featured here. And you can with pride say you contributed and not be shamed as a cheap $^%&ard!

Here is a sample with this past weeks boats.

Okay, all kidding aside. chances are you are not sure your photos are worthy. I WILL HELP YOU. Send me your photos and I am more than happy to clean them up. Take off the 50 extra pounds , take out your chins and that jet ski in the background. Let’s do this! Open your cobwebbed wallet and CLICK HERE.  

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Ok, I am guilty. I completely forgot about it after you did the first story with the request. I promise I will get it done in the next few days, even though I would rather be boating than sitting in front of the computer trying to get this done!

  2. Randy
    Randy says:

    … OK, OK, OK, OK, OK — I’m properly “shamed”!!!!!

    Please forgive me if you can ……………..

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