Old Cans, Old Boats, And Old Prices.

image2Fellow Woody Boater Dan Clevenger sent us this fun barn find. OK, its not a Woody Boat, but a vintage can of paint. Whats fun about it is the price tag.

Dan found his grandfathers interlux boot stripe paint.  He is not sure of  the age of the paint but the price on the sticker on the lid says $2.60.  And believe it or not the paint was still good and I went ahead and used it for his boot stripe paint to match exactly what he had used back in 1957/1958. Below is the price for the other paint and the can he found. Now not to spoil things, but at a 2% inflation, the stripe paint today at a $2.60 price would be. $23.38, So in a fun exercise, the price of a new can is around $9 bucks today. So sorry Dan. Its the same paint though, How cool is that?


Interlux Red Hand 50 gallon = $42.63 Loyd Marine

Easypoxy 3175 white Qt = $14.50 Loyd Marine

Interlux 19 Royal Blue pint boot stripe = $2.60 1950’s price.

Petit 7666 Red Mahogany wood filler


Got some old cans? OK, wait, is there a way to ask this better? Show us your old cans.. No Wait. We would love you to share your old cans with… no… wait.. Can you share your cans.. No….wait… Do you have any old mettle cylinders that at one point or still do have paint or stain in them you would like to share with all of us? There. that clears that up.

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  1. Mike S
    Mike S says:

    Recently bought out a large inventory of old paints, stains and varnishes from the family of a gentleman who was in the boat business since the ’40s. Many of these haven’t been made in at least 20 years, some of which are probably known to cause health issues in the state of California. Love the artwork on some of the labels. The pint of Bak-Spar was worth $1.70 and the pint of Semi-gloss Yacht White was $1.60. Can anyone date the older cans? I’m guessing 1950’s – 60’s but not sure.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I knew Jim would win this one.

    Here is an old can of Captains. Not sure how old, but the price tag on the top says $19.95 and it is now about $45.00 so I guess it was a while ago.

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