“On The Rocks” I Think I Will Have Another?

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New Copper. Look now, cause its all gonna be under water in a couple hours.

If you didn’t think I wasn’t gonna milk this drama for all its worth, you have not been reading WoodyBoater for a while. It’s 4 Am and I am doing this story so I can get back to her to help finish up. Her bottom needs a coat of anti fouling paint. And her boot stripe refreshed and Bam. Done. Amazing.

Dang that is some nice work. It’s copper flashing in a 20 ft roll. $201.00 Copper is not cheap. But worth every penny.

She got some new oak, copper and some of her little leaky areas fixed in two days. I also was able to paint her hull with some Kirby Paint, and take advantage of being on the rails for a brief moment.

This area has been leaking. Now fixed.

Glad I had an extra gallon of white

Put her name back on last night before dark

SHE LOOKS VERY HAPPY! Best yet. *She is Guaranteed to not leak, not one drop. * Legal here. Must still be on Railway, It can’t rain, if used in water Guarantee is void. Humidity can cause swelling, boating on rocks will void Guarantee. Running a hose on the deck to clean her voids Guarantee. Actually crying voids the Guarantee. If it rains in California, you get the idea.

A HUGE GIANT SHOUT OUT TO OUR SPECIAL COMMUNITY HERE IN REEDVILLE. One thing is for sure, they read Facebook and the news network moves fast in a small town. We had a constant stream of friends and neighbors come by the Railway to offer help, advice and keep us laughing. It is actually quite moving to feel a part of a community of caring people.

Late afternoon at the Railway. New boats started showing up. This area is loaded with cool old wood boats

Many have reached out to the Coast Guard, Congressmen to fix the rock situation. And Frank and George have been cranking big time. It’s very impressive and like watching a museum in action. Although I don’t recommend such a dangerous action as running up on some rocks. I feel lucky to have had this experience.

Back at work.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go work on some paint, and get her back home to her dock.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You should do the entire bottom in copper. Unlike modern anti-fouling paint, invertebrates won’t grow on it or bore through it. It’s only $200 which is not bad as long as you don’t count how many you need.

  2. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Look Great! I’m curious about the copper. Is it just a protective covering for when she’s on the rails or does it have another purpose?

  3. Bob Schoepe
    Bob Schoepe says:

    Did you take any interior shots? Guessing all well in there? Hopefully nice and tight.

  4. John
    John says:

    After seeing these stories about Sweet Pea on the rocks, I did a little googling and low and behold, that’s a cocktail!


    Lot’s of variations, some involve muddling (aka idling around), copper for the cup, infusions of gin or vodka with CPES and snap peas

    SO next time your at your favorite watering hole, ask the Rock-bar-tender for a Sweet Pea on the rocks – much safer than doing it yourself.

    Happy everything worked out for you, and such fast work in mid summer

  5. Rick
    Rick says:

    It is amazing that they were able to fit new oak to her that fast. Do they keep a pre-cut supply around just for you? A toast to Sweet Pea today. ( Too obscure of a movie reference for the group?)

  6. Gene
    Gene says:

    True North on the rocks same day as Sweet Pea. Different rocks, but Lyman’s Bronze skeg saved the shaft and rudder, but not the prop. Sweet Pea’s oak Skeg did even better

  7. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Looking great! Am I seeing the forward planking (or perhaps all of the bottom) is 45 degrees to the keel instead of running bow to stern? I’ve not seen that before, except for the inner bottom on our runabouts. Clearly, it works in the hull design of “Sweet Pea” Beautiful boat, obviously well-built and well-loved over the years. What a gift to have that yard close by and available with the skills exhibited!

  8. Matt
    Matt says:

    The bottom planks are how they do it here. We talked about that some of the boats have the longer planks. I suppose its somewhat subjective. in regards to the nails. Copper ridged nails. The bottom was refastened 7 -10 years ago with huge nails. Also how they do it here. The blanks are massive as is the keelson. MASSIVE.

  9. Ollon
    Ollon says:

    Just caught up on 10 days worth of Woodyboater after a relaxing time at the lake.
    NO WIFI. I wonder if that’s why the kids left on Sunday. Feel your pain Matt but luckily you’re back in the water quickly. The ’72 Lancer has been down while I search out a fix for the exhaust manifold that burned through. Mountain Mistress was up to the challenge and ran great all week but I found water in the oil when I checked it on the last day. Now I have 2 projects. and the only running boat we have left is the SEA DOO. Anyone have a rowboat for sale?

  10. Smitty
    Smitty says:

    With placing the copper on top of the oak; how do you stop water from penetrating into the Oak wood ?
    What is the purpose and function of the copper fasten to the wood?

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