One Good Thing – The Woody Boater Stuff Store Is Open.

This shirt looks great on in your hospital tent.

“Attention Passengers, this is the Captain Speaking. Although we have had “the unlikely event” of hitting an ice berg and well, the ship is going down bow first, one good thing is the gift shop is open and now been located near the back where people are running towards. Or, as the stores manager says. Follow the traffic. It’s okay, we have rearranged the deck chairs and are playing music.

Like a life jacket.

Just imagine how cool you will look out there on the… in the icy waters? And get this. THEY’RE ON SALE!  And you can also get them delivered to your lifeboat! Whats left of them. 

Pre war babe cushion T

See, all these designs are inspired by vintage boat cushions.

We even have hats! Yup in several wonderful colors to choose from. We recommend the Yellow one so you are seen floating easier by passing ships. 

So act now, while supplies or you last. Thank you from the Captains Quarters, I will be running the store all the way down.”



Thanks to the Captain for keeping us all focused on the task at hand. T-shirts and Hats. We do need a possible sale name?
Die in style sale!  Stay afloat Sale!, Cough it up sale!  VirSale?
TOO SOON? Asking for a friend?

We are still trying to figure these out. So we are holding them in our FEMA warehouse. BUT 100% of the sales will go to Sunnyland. 

ALL KIDDING ASIDE, ALL THE PROFITS GO TO THE SUNNYLAND CHAPTER TO HELP IN A SMALL WAY.  Those folks are the best and could use a hand, after the show was postponed. CLICK HERE OR ON THE BANNER TO GET TO THE STORE.. One at a time please.

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  1. Action Screen Print
    Action Screen Print says:

    Thanks for the orders guys. We’re forced to work from home for now but we managed to intercept the shirt shipment from Matt. It helps when your UPS driver is your boating buddy! We’ll be shipping orders today

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