One Mans Junk!

Its an art shaft? Shaft art?

I gotta say, My hats off to the eBay seller on this one. Trying to sell a used Crank Shaft as art. This is marketing. Literally peace of scrap metal as art. And for 45 bucks, it’s priced right on the edge.

The shipping would be more no doubt. But lets suspend all that right now. Lets help the seller out. I mean we say our Woody Boats are art? Why not a Crank Shaft?

The photo of the crank shaft is art, the shaft?

Maybe devote an entire brand to Crank Shafts? We have even done love stories on the art of the cleat? Now, it can be argued here, that a boat has style and design, as does a cleat. And a Crank Shaft is a pure, as pure as it gets, functional design. It has zero artistic influence. ZERO. It is even more pure as that as a pet rock. Or roll of toilet paper.

Portrait of Toilet Paper, by Jud Nelson, out of marble! Yup, in a museum and a major leap in the art world in the 1970’s

Yup, that is a famous roll of toilet paper and it has one purpose. Which does in a loose way relate to this Crank, which may need some toilet paper to clean up the stain it leaves on your mantel.

Jaguar Crankshaft Table / Painted Steel and Aluminum with Epoxy Resin over Found Object / 34 H x 32 W x 29 L inches Artist: John Wilson Sculptor @2004 You can see it here at the Wilson Hughes Gallery

But this begs the question, if one painted the crank, it would be art, or better yet, did a marble sculpture of a crank. Then its art. Because it no longer serves a purpose. And once again, I am in a loop of conflict between art and function. And you now know a roll of toilet paper is art. Sorry.

Oh that patina! It says I am real, and tested the chasm of  trends. I am what I am flaws and all. I stand here on the table proud to be a Crank Shaft.

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Architect Louis Sullivan coined the maxim: “Form follows function”.

    Something to think about while staring at this rusty crankshaft that you’re now trying to figure out how to make into lawn art.

  2. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    Wow! Old crankshafts are now fine art rather that anchors and rural mailbox posts………………time to redecorate the house.

  3. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    I have 2 V8 Chevrolet crankshafts welded together with some scrap iron welded on one end cemented in the ground and the harmonic balancer on the top end with my mailbox mounted to it then painted black, Never thought of it as art but maybe it is for gearhead lol. I put all this together about 35 years ago and I still love it.

  4. briant
    briant says:

    ….Steampunk Metal Rustic Art Piece….??

    The seller is just a punk.

    Or maybe the entire Ebay community is being “Steam-punk’d”…anyone seen Ashton?…..l

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