One Old Photo – So Many Treasures

We got a Hat, Babe and a cool never seen before shirt.

Thanks to Bob Kays who has gotten a bunch of great photos in from the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum, we have a couple fun days of stories and old cool photos to look at. But since its Saturday, and I need to milk this kinda thing for all I can. HEY, I am in Sunny California and I am not gonna hang around ebay stalking and writing stories. Wait, yes I am. UGH. Anyway, out of just one photo I was able to find so many little tid bits of ebay treasures. And maybe a very cool new thing you may never have seen? Who knows. Seems like we have seen it all these days.

Oh ya! – BTW, on this boat tomorrow. It doesn’t end well..

Anyway above is the one image, and below, all the little cool stuff. happy Saturday, enjoy the ice and snow. I need to go find some sun screen!

19 Race Logo.. How cool is that. Lightning bolt and all

Local sign

Evenrude Fleetwin poster

Electric starting was a huge deal. See it in ACTION!

This marina used all the good stuff. Its fun to see it in use back in the day

Ladders, and flags. I know this sounds odd, but I like the single light bulb lighting. This is how it was done.

Stay tuned. We have a bunch more, and more cool stuff.


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  1. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Awesome lightning bolt logo. Should do a story on rare original CC cradles. Back in the day, new CC employees probably started out in the cradle department. Even the big cruisers came with their own custom cradle.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Heading to the Keys on Monday! Due 15 degrees here then, hope for warmer at Fort La Dee Da…..TSA/shutdown???
    Heading south!

    John in VA

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Snowblower started, checked out, refueled and now covered and waiting. Wood stove cleaned of ashes, 72 hours worth of fuel brought in from the barn, fire lit. Freezer full of bacon, pulled pork, and brisket. Tobler brushed off and inside for his mid-day nap. I think I should be good.

  4. Dave Nau
    Dave Nau says:

    I like the Evinrude pictures. Electric starting for outboards, along with full-gearshift with remote control and remote steering in a motor of at least 25HP greatly expanded the reach of recreational boating to more families at much lower cost than an automotive-type inboard motor. All of these came together from OMC and Kiekhafer Mercury by 1954. Boating was never the same, and in today’s world, outboards now dominate recreational boating propulsion again, as they did from the mid-50’s through the 70’s. Peak year was 1956, when over 600,000 outboards were sold in the U.S. Today, outboards total over 200,000 in sales per year, while inboard and inboard/outboard motors sell around 15,000 per year, and half of those are re-powers. What goes around comes around over time.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    That old school light bulb has “presence” but not much illumination against that gray, light absorbing block wall. A little white paint on that ugly concrete block sure would have brightened that display up. Need something like that around here as we put up with another day of rain, 2nd rainiest season on record. I’d prefer snow.

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