Original Can Of Bilge Paint. Go All The Way On Your Show Boat.

Pre War Original can

You are at your fancy pants judged show and it’s neck and neck on your boat and your competitor. Both are well respected boat, you have an original Zipper, they have an original zipper. And then you drop the bomb. Mine has New Old Stock Paint. BAM! Drop the mike and walk away. Cause you just slayed the competition. You went all the way. Even used real canvas on your non 5200 bottom. Went all the way to Algonac to do the work. 3 coats of old New Old Stock Varnish.

Bottom of can.

Bilge paint could be the slam dunk over the top trick. Hey, keep the can. Shoot a video of you applying it. Oh ya.. And all because you read WoodyBoater and saw this on EBAY! And then BUY IT HERE ON EBAY

mmmm Bacon

Clean up the bilge!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    That would be pretty impressive. Myself I’m starting to lean more toward making the boat my own vs factory. Been there done that-ish. Ish being the operative part of that sentence. Tired of being the slowest in the group and the red linoleum flooring.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thats a great question. That shade of blue was loved by Chris Craft for sure. Companies that are that in tune with branding will own certain colors, and its possible that it was called Chris Craft Blue. Like Coca Cola, they own the trademark, copyright, what ever on their red. You can own a color.

  3. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    Matt, you read my mind this morning. I am about to touch up the bilge paint in my racing runabout and need to know what paint would be the closest to it and where I should get it. This can would be a nice accessory for my ’39 chris craft.

      • matt
        matt says:

        Its a different color. Very dark, make sure you double check. The original is much brighter. NOW, the color varies since its been said that Bilge color was a left over vat that was mixed with varnish and so on. But the Sandysky stuff is very dark

  4. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    Every restorer I know that has tried Kirby Paint’s “Robinson Prewar Bilge Red Satin” or “Robinson Postwar Bilge Red Satin” never goes back to anything else. Yes the colors varied by the day a little but the Kirby mix seems to make everyone happy.

  5. Ken MacStephen
    Ken MacStephen says:

    So if I polish the brass on my launch with this vintage can of BRASSO that was in it when I bought it I should get an advantage? Its the same vintage as the launch.

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