Original Orange Seam Color!


Little bits of orange original seam material

The gang at Katz’s Marina sent us in this little treasure. Turns out a boat they are restoring. A 1940 Chris Craft 19 Barrel Back had Orange Seams. This to me would be like winning the lottery, since the Orange Seams are a very very cool deal, and on a barrel back, you dont really want to mess around if your plan is to show it. And if you are having Katz’s marina do the restoration, you will want to show it.

Stripped down to the orange seams

Get out your color swatch

Not that you have to, its just that it will be dialed in to the …well, orange Seams. Thanks to Alan for sending us these photos.

Being stripped

Todays header

This is a 17 footer from Katz’s with orange seams and pigskin interior finished

Another one. Katzs has done a bunch of these.


The seams blend in beutifully

Featured on the Brass Bell cover – Salek is an amazing 19 footer

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  1. Jamie in Richmond
    Jamie in Richmond says:

    I recall that amazing triple cockpit barrel back that was at the Smith Mountain Lake show a few years ago. It was stunning.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Orange seams are cool. I have always put a few coats of varnish over white seams after they are completed. The varnish gives them a gold hue that I like better than the bright white.

  3. Speedboat Outlaw
    Speedboat Outlaw says:

    In 1979 I purchased a 23′ Barrelback that had the decks and bottom fiberglassed. Starting the project with pulling the fiberglass off the deck I found the seams had been done emerald green to match the seats confirmed by the hull card. Project came to an end with the purchase of a 100 year old house. Boat sold. No pictures I could find.

  4. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    The orange is the exact same color as red lead primer. Wonder how CC made the orange seam compound back in the day? Love the orange look!

    • Jerome
      Jerome says:

      While at the Muskoka’s spring shop tour (should be close to the top of your bucket list) you will see many boats with brown lines. “Very Cool”

  5. Syd
    Syd says:

    I can not post a picture from my phone but my Hacker Craft Black Witch had the orange or what I call red lead filler in the seams. Where was no trace of any white. I actually like the color much better then the white. Maybe say white for a sporty look and the red for a more elegant look. The red just lets the wood blend in much better

  6. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    Yeah.., there is so much more of what was actually done..!
    The 1940 17′ and 19′ barrelbacks did have orange deck seams, orange waterlines, and ‘pig-skin’ stamped vinyl and leather upholstery. Some 1940, 23′ barrelbacks and 24′ Sportsman (maybe 25′?) had green deck seams.

    I wish I could post these scans of Chris-Craft, “Accessory Catalogs”, but I got these from Joe M, some 15-years ago, with a promise to hold them dear.

    However, I can read them, and report on the “Deck Seam Compound” that they offered for sale that year. These ‘accessories’ were made available to CC customers for the repair and maintenance of their boats.

    I’ll attach the 1936 catalog page, just to show that the factory available “Chris-Craft” logo decal was ‘Immitation GOLD’, not aluminum as some believe….

    Cat year Deck seam compound Waterline enamel
    1936 Mahogany, White Black, White, Aluminum
    Cream, Green
    1938 Mah, White Same as above
    1939 Mah, Wht, Black Same as above
    1940 Mah, Wht, Blk, Orange Same as above
    1941 Mah, Wht, Blk, Orange Blk, Wht, Alum, Cream’
    Green, Orange
    Early 50’s White
    1953 White, Black

  7. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    Yeah, well, sorry?
    The words were properly spaced on my desktop…, they don’t appear properly spaced on this phone-forum?

  8. Dave Hughes
    Dave Hughes says:

    It isn’t “seams” but when pulling the deck and hatches off Mainstay (a 1956 Matthews 42′ Martinique Express Cruiser) last spring I found remnants of the original Martinique canvas deck still stapled underneath the hatch rails…sporting their original Martinique Express green paint applied at the factory!

  9. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Mariner’s Museum has the list of all the boats that came with orange deck seems from the factory. Is this hull number on the list?

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