Over A Week Of Use On The Classic Boat Iphone Case! How Does It Hold Up?

HereWhile in Berlin, my son had ordered one of the classic boat iphone cases we spoke about before Christmas. It’s now been about a week or so of use, and this thing is amazing! Simply amazing. It feels right, and looks fantastic. I have dropped the phone a short distance once and no problem. The detail is perfect, it’s lightweight, and feels like butta! If you missed the story, here it is, it also has contact info if you want one.

Woody iphone -2

Thats my hand, holding the actual iphone cover.

And for those of you wondering what in the heck those props in todays header are from.

Jack Beatleys Sea Sled is the proud parent of those massive props!

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    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Woody Gal:

      You want the I phone cover or the Sea Sled?

      Both are very very cool.

      See you at Dora! Do you think we can get Jim to take us to Palm Garden on Thursday if I offer to buy lunch again?

      • Moosemeat
        Moosemeat says:

        Troy, if you need a ride to the Palm Garden we’ll be available,
        BTW, the Palm Garden folks are the greatest. Last year we conked out under the bridge just after leaving the Garden. The Palm Garden folks kindly towed us all the way back to the show dock. That was the day I decided to convert to 12 volts. Authenticity is nice but paddling a U 18 is a bear.

  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Is that the Sea Sled that Barney Fielden restored in Tampa which I think later went to Lake Champlain ?

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    While driving back from our place in TN yesterday – 16 hours of rain, freezing rain, hail, aggressive drivers, cursing and every combination of those – I got to thinking I should advise you that you have a twin. While dining at an Olive Garden, my sister-in-law’s idea of Italian food, in Farragut TN I saw you walk in. Being awestruck I went over and offered to buy you a drink. He had a very perplexed look while shaking my hand and politely informed me his name was Chris, much to my embarrassment. So if you’re ever down south in the Knoxville area and someone looks straight at you and calls you Chris don’t be surprised. Maybe wear a tag that says – I’m not Chris-.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    better you should have told that “Chris” to get a tag that says “I’m not Matt”……
    You should have known something was wrong when the guy did not smell of varnish…..

    John in Va.

  4. jim g
    jim g says:

    Can he make cases out of wood that you send him? I’ve got some Miss America IX original decking left. That would make a cool case.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    They are surface piecing props. The Hickman Sea Sled was the first surface piecing propeller design developed by Albert Hickman among other firsts such as building the first high-speed aircraft carrier, and patented the ideas for lifting strakes, sponsons, non-tripping chines, and the prop-riding speedboat.

    • Cobourg Kid
      Cobourg Kid says:

      Hey Martin, back in September Jack Beatley’s insanely beautiful Sea Sled came up for discussion in WB and I mentioned that “it would be difficult to write a more comprehensive and absorbing article about Albert Hickman and his Sea Sleds, or any, of his other astounding innovations, without stepping all over “Damned by Faint Praise” an astounding article written by David Sideman that appeared way/ way back in the May/June 1991 issue of Wooden Boat Magazine”

      Sideman’s excellent article can be downloaded from the Wooden Boat Magazine site quite inexpensively as a PDF and it’s definitely a great read.

      BTW Hickman’s surface piercing propeller was, as I understand it, developed initially for Canadian Harry Greening and made its first appearance in the 1924 Gold Cup mounted on the stern of Greening’s Ditchburn built racer Rainbow IV .

      Greening’s boat won the GC series that year but was later disqualified for employing a ( George Crouch designed) bottom that created hydroplaning characteristics… a bottom that had been inspected and approved by the racing committee prior to the competition.

  6. Diego
    Diego says:

    I produce case for iphone like that , if interested please contact me. real wood iron gold all made in italy. I can personalize wit all brand and name of boat

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