Painting The Trawler, It’s A Guessing Game! What Does She Like?


Soft tones of Khaki, Green and blue. – GUESS 1.

She passed her out of the water Survey with flying colors. We had fasteners removed and they looked brand new. Engine, perfect. We will be working on some electrical updates. And speaking of flying colors, we are choosing new colors for her new paint system. The Boatress sure has an opinion, so honestly, it doesnt matter what any of us think. So like any good marriage, can we guess what her favorite is? I never seem to be able to. So just pick a number!

Her current color. Chesapeake Green and brite white

Robins egg blue and white – GUESS 2

Spring wheat – GUESS 3.

Going Dark. – GUESS 4.

Not so dark  – GUESS 5.

Subtle difference. – GUESS 6.

We call this Khaki on Khaki The white is an off white. The scroll is optional and part of a traditional Chesapeake bow look – GUESS 7.

Flip flop Khaki – GUESS 8.

No scroll – GUESS 9.

Brighter with some khaki details NO SCROLL – GUESS 10.

More refined Subtle scroll, bright work details – GUESS 11

The green roof is an homage to her original color  – GUESS 12.

Seafoam green and off white – GUESS 13.

name goes here as option GUESS 14.

Well, there ya go. Just try and guess her favorite. And dont even start on the name.. Thats also a work in progress.

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  1. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Guess #11 is very pleasing to my eye. Just a great looking boat no matter which colors you choose. Congratulations on the good survey. She’s a keeper!

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Six is my pick. I have always liked that combo and it is masculine so it probably will not be the winner.

    Congrats on the successful survey.

  3. Capt. Cranky
    Capt. Cranky says:

    Or – you could go completely off the grid, metal flake, flames…maybe it could be a prop on the Bachelor! LOLOLOL….

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    I’m partial to 2. Or make it all shagadelic. Orange shag carpeting inside and spray-on carpeting (from the 60’s) outside. Then after you vomit from doing that go with #2.

  5. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    I like 3 and 14, I think the crisp white with a grand banks beige and the real varnished wood is a traditional super cool look. I would stay away from a black hull, it looks cool but very hot when the sun beats on it and that’s not good for the hull.

  6. John f
    John f says:

    The color pattern in 11 seems best with the upper part of the hull and pilot house painted white. I would carry the dark tone of the lower part of the pilot house through th door to further emphasize that band. Color your choice.

  7. Eric
    Eric says:

    Ches Green, Khaki & off White- We picked up a can of original Chesapeake Green from Bill B and compared to other colors for the L & S. Jill chose the Ches. Green in the box. Bill has a couple more qt. cans and a couple of “burnt grass”. Mix very well if you get it. The more olive color to the left was from the same can before I got all of the solids off the bottom of the can.

  8. RH in Indy
    RH in Indy says:

    I’ve become attached to its current color scheme. I too think that the sea foam green is great.
    Boatress, do you like the Shwiop-the do?

  9. Larry FORGET
    Larry FORGET says:

    # 12 is quite Modern Creative.. Two tone hull is always a question on classic Fiberglass board. Darker should be lower on hull .. #5 for example is not that appealing. IMO

  10. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I like number 6 but defer to the boatress. Dang but a lot of folks have checked in on this topic! cool.

    John in Va.

  11. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    #3 and #13 or whichever the boatress likes.

    I’m with MikeG, stay away from the black hull. The gods of the sea are said to not like that.

  12. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    3 or 10 in my eye – I like clean and crisp – but as said many times above, “Suzy’s choice” is a huge factor. Obviously, I’m partial to seafoam green/turquoise, but for an entirely different boat. 🙂

  13. Dean
    Dean says:

    I’m color blind also so no comment on the color choices. However I am going to buck the trend and say that I don’t like the scroll work. The beauty of the trawler is it’s lines and nothing should distract from that. I think the the name should go there. I think the scroll work also takes away from the boats local history. Now where are my red plaid bell bottoms and my blue paisley shirt.

  14. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    All the comments today prove that everyone has an opion. But I’m with M-Fine, it doesn’t matter which she chooses now she will have changed her mind before the final coat dries anyway!

  15. Verne
    Verne says:

    When choosing between many choices (like picking out new eyeglass frames), just compare two and pick one, then add one and pick from those two. Repeat the process until you are down to one. Easy-peasy.

  16. The Boattress
    The Boattress says:

    For anyone who cares what I think, I am very partial to……
    seafoam and swoopty do! Second choice is #11.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      LOL, but you have to admit I was correct! Seafoam and swoopty do was not one of the 14 choices Matt presented.

      I am also a big fan of Seafoam. It was originally used by Buick in 1956 but those were off the road before my time, but it was also a popular custom color for Fender in the 1960’s.

      FYI, if you want to get it “perfect” have your mixer look up the tint code for Dupont Duco 2253

  17. Randy
    Randy says:

    … what, no clear varnish finish option for the hull??????????

    I would definitely avoid any black/dark color for the hull though. Those colors will really absorb the sun’s heat and shrink the side planking during the summer — results in any spray leaking into the hull until the planks have a chance to soak/swell back up. Many years ago I went through this with my first planked sailboat.

  18. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Damn! this brought out the troops….even the boatress checked in.

    I agree with the few that said less is more in the scroll department…..need it for sure…but lighten up.

    Visiting my trawler in the shed for new tanks tomorrow….

    John in Va.

  19. Michael A. Hill
    Michael A. Hill says:

    The scroll is nice, but out of place on this fine craft. This vessel isn’t some yacht like such a bespoke Trumpy; indeed this vessel has a proud work boat heritage. Respect that heritage. Neat and orderly but not too much gingerbread, so to speak. I like # 9

  20. Danny B
    Danny B says:

    Sea foam for the win! I’m partial to that as are several others here. Here’s mine in seafoam awlgrip if I don’t screw up attaching the pic like a dummy…

    Maybe a smaller swooooooptedo though. I like the idea of the name forward on both sides and transom that’s typical of many bay boats. What a cool boat.

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