Philipeeing Mahogany Toilet Seat Lid On Ebay! Woody Boater Approved!

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Perfect for your Chris Crapper

I am thrilled to let our fellow Woody Boaters know there is a wonderful Chris Craft-ish Mahogany Toilet seat on ebay today. Oh, sure its just more crap on ebay, but here at Woody Boater its far far more. Its a tradition of finding the fun stuff that reminds us all that that classic boating is number one, and all the other stuff is number two. I know I got peed off at all the copyright violators. But this toilet seat/Lid just raised up on ebay and was such a wonderful reminder of why we do this every day. I will add that this is a very nice toilet seat/Lid, and could be refinished beautifully. Just imagine how sweet 20 coats of polished mahogany and varnish will feel on your cheeks? Wait.. Its only the cover, not the seat? What the…Well at least your wife/girlfriend won’t have to remind you all the time to keep the lid down, cause your gonna always take a second look at that sparkling grain when you leave the loo.

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Love the hardware. Make sure you ask for the other part of it. Maybe it will make a great trophy? Crapyiest Restoration on the year?

And just think how nice all that brAss hardware will look to your guests who use it. I can hear it now, OHHHH Matt, that toilet seat is to die for? What is it? And then I nail them with an hr of Woody Boater stories. Until the Boatress gets pissed off!


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  1. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    I’m used to raising the “seat” in order to read a lot of my boating publications – but I’m still having trouble trying to find a way to get my computer screen handled whilst leaning my elbows on my upper thighs and getting the business at hand taken care of.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Relieved that you’ve finally blown the lid off this. Maybe back off the burritos next time before you have to do a full restoration using the proper “bottom” paint.

  3. Steve L
    Steve L says:

    Matt, sorry but this one is all wrong for you. Clearly you can see its prewar by the slotted screws. You should be looking for one with R&P screws and bronze hardware…postwar.

  4. charley quimby
    charley quimby says:

    Fiberglass takes the punishment, but nothing beats the warmth of wood. And then there is the quiet ride, of course, and the unmistakable sound of exhaust… CQ

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    Okay with an “opening” like that – I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I have a wooden head for sale as well. I don’t believe she is mahogany, but there are no splinters. And according to the model of the toilet, it is a real “Winner”. No room for a head on my 17′ Resorter, so let me know if anyone is interested.

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