Php Update, And An Ebay Wowza

Oh hell ya!

We were all set for the big switch yesterday and at the last second our host realized that we needed to update to 8.0 php and that would effect some some stuff in the future so thats being done. I know you all are wondering what? Well, Woody Boater is a massive site. Terabytes large, and so when you redesign that, all the stuff has to be able to find a home on the new site. Like remodedling your home from the inside out, but gutting it and bringing back everything that was there. So. Ebay?

The small patch is perfection

Original Chain stiching

Well, remember that patch we got a while back? Now there is another one, on a jacket. Which is very very very cool, and maybe a little insanely priced. But thats all subjective I suppose. I paid far more for simular stuff. So? GO find another one?

Look for the union label. Okay maybe not a union label, but we all do remember that comercial. And hit it!

Oh here is one right on ebay!