Plaid Rocket Update, Lots Of Yellow!


Getting closer

In what will turn out to be one of the most colorful Woody Boats out there and to come out of Katzs Marina , the Plaid Rocket is getting close and the plaid interior has been found. Yes, same factory brand and all. We will update as soon as it comes in. Since very few of these Yellow, green, plaid rockets were made, certain colors have had to be discovered. The latest breakthrough is a yellow steering wheel and shaft. Dang this thing is gonna be bright.

Sterring wheel

Steering wheel shaft

That is some bright green

The seams will be white, not yellow which might make sense, but after some archiology, it turns out to be white. Now if you think about it, yellow with varnish over it after a couple years would have been a tad much, Thats the update for now. Stay tuned through out this fall, hopefully she will make it to Florida and spread the brightness.

Here is the Woody Boater rendition of what this will look like

And I know many will ask, what is the update on the Florida show in March? We are still waiting, but based on emails we are pretty sure there will be something. i bet in the years to come, no matter how the show comes off, we will all remember it as one of the most fun! Times like this are times of innovation and breakthroughs.

Marks Utility Boat!

Also if you want to see Lemon Head, Mark Setterholm’s Green and yellow Utility, here is the story on her. Mark had some fun with his and during this winter will place it in his family room to warm it up.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That seems like a ton of work to bring a boat back to ugly!

    As for Tavares, can they make it a Bring Your Own Dock show?

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      m-fine wouldn’t that just be a pontoon boat show? I bet yours has a bacon smoker on it.

      Look forward to seeing the Plaid Rocket.

  2. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    I seem to recall after the Keuka Lake show they pulled the docks out of the water…Maybe they could ship them to Tavares for a weekend.

  3. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    Yep, no gators in Keuka…………we do have water snakes-non poisonous, but they will bite if provoked. I’m sure our club would lend them the docks as long as we had them back by early July.
    Love the plaid Rocket! Not the usual dull green or maroon.

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