Plaidtastic Complete Interior Is All In.

Yellow trim, Yellow steering wheel. Very cool

The infamous plaid interior came in yesterday and we now get the very first image of how it will all look together, and I will be the first to say. AMAZING! Now many of you will say, “Well, it’s different” or “oh” or, “that’s cool as hell” which is the entire point of the project. To push our boundaries and try new old things. This is what history is all about. And we applaud the Katzs Marina Gang for pushing and trying exciting things that fit within the history of our beloved boats. Enjoy…or not…

Varnish and plaid!

She will have a green bilge, yellow wheel

She looks elegant to be honest, and that’s not even what I thought I would describe it as.Its interesting when it all comes together. A harmony of textures and color. LOVE IT.

Will have a yellow bottom

All her decals are on

And thanks to Jim Grant who found this service bulletin on caring for Saran Plastic Interiors in the Chris Craft bulletin.

How cool is this?

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Ha ha ha! Not only is it hideously ugly and torture on bare skin, the plastic weave also holds dirt and needs to be cleaned with extremely toxic carbon tet!

    I wonder why it wasn’t a long term success?

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    And we are off and running. Its a plastic interior because it wont be ruined by water. I cant imagine a cloth interior like this and all the crap that would grow in it. This is the only way to get the look, and there are other ones out there that have stood the test of time.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    And too ad to this. Most dirt can be just wiped off, and oil on your leather or vinyl would ruin or stain it forever, this wont. So its practical.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I think I would prefer a stain over central nervous system damage with a touch of liver and kidney failure! 🙂

    The plastic is not the part I have an issue with. It is the fact that it is woven plastic and an unattractive pattern. If you want stain protection put some Saran Wrap over your more tasteful interior. Just like the plastic covers grandma used to have on her sofa.

  5. Scott Stensland
    Scott Stensland says:

    I would definitely prefer woven leather over the plastic, but the color is Plaidtastic…, Fantastic!

  6. ScottK
    ScottK says:

    It is different …….kinda like Edsel’s and Pontiac Aztek’s are different.
    Can’t argue with the craftsmanship though.

  7. Doug P in Maine
    Doug P in Maine says:

    I like it but the horizontal part of the plaid doesn’t match up from section to section and that would drive me up a wall.

  8. jim g
    jim g says:

    Its better then I thought it would be. It will really make the boat stand out in a crowd.

    As far as the carbon tetrachloride. It was what was used back in the day. Almost every fire extinguisher. Even the brass ones in the boat had it in them. Chrysler was still using it in there brake cleaner in the early 90’s. I worked next to a guy that did all the brake work at the dealer. He used to go through at least 15 spray cans a day all while smoking a cigarette while he sprayed it.

    Even the refinish instructions from Chris Craft told you to wipe the boat down with gasoline.

    Ahh. The 50’s were such an easier era to live in.

  9. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    Not a criticism, but the pattern is so much smaller than the original, as seen in the black and white photos? Like the original was a zoomed in version of this? Was this made from scratch or just the closest that could be found?

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Here is my thought regarding the size of the patern. I think???? Its better looking than the larger style for sure. And its possible, that for a photo in BW it was made larger to show how it may look. This is NOS saran material from the source that has a ton of NOS material. and the exact pattern and colors in the boat and found in the sample found. It could be a photo retouch thing? Or not, we wont know until one day someone has a 100% original interior. But when this is blown up, its exact

  10. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    It would only be my first choice if it were original to the boat.
    For too long the boats have been ‘restored’ to standard colors, as if they all came from the factory that way?

    Kudos on showing the real panoply of color options. Its much better than having them all look alike.

  11. Scotch & Water
    Scotch & Water says:

    It’s cool as hell and plastic is the right choice or vynil. I thought it was going to be a larger plaid rather that a micro pattern. It’s works on that small boat

  12. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    So now that the new Tesla Roadster calls it’s super fast acceleration “Plaid Mode”, does that mean Plaidtastic will live up to it’s model name “Rocket”?

    Denis D

  13. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    Does the boat have factory ceilings? If not, is the interior finished bright or is it all painted green like the bilge?

    Hope to see it at a show next year!

  14. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    I think the interior is great! Had to look up the definition of panoply , glad we are getting back to the good old days.
    Have a good Thanksgiving , we all has much to be thankful for.
    steve and laurie

  15. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    Prior to ww 2, a lot of cars used dark mohair upholstery. If i remember correctly, this type of upholstery appeared in cars after the war. I suspect cc was just picking up on the trend of the times. I am all for using the correct upholstery even if it may not be anything people would choose today for a boat. There are a lot of design elements from yesteryear that seem dorky to us.

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