Put Out The Crackers And Cheese Honey, We Are Having A Slide Show

One slide with so much! Baby on the left, kid with lifejacket and sailor hat, party on the ledo deck.

To quote looooongtime fellow WoodyBoater and our first responder, Greg Lewendouski “Yes, it’s going to be a loooong winter!” But we are here, working 24/7 to keep you informed on all thats important in the Classic Boat universe. Critical news, like, there is a toilet seat on ebay, or like today, a collection of slides from the past. I love me some slides. They hold up, and are clear. They seem to capture the moment in a less artistic way. Enjoy

Payette lake 1959 – Jezebel! The boat, not Tammy? OR? Not sure whats going on, but the match up of the color on the outboard and the lettering is full bore cool

To continue red theme.

This is the original without good light projection. But I have ways to find the image.

Having a smoke

Some film does not hold up, part of the fun is finding the real in the shot. Or he was boating on Mars.

There is something magical about this, but not sure it was a golden moment. The blue in the film is gone forever

Some North Carolina Slide Boating with Bert and Bert Jr

Not sure whats going on here. But thats a small boat, and well, all that Sunday Church dress’m up stuff aint gonna work out too well. Clearly Margaret is fully aware of that fact, since she went out on the lake yesterday with Ward, and got soaked. Ohhhh poor Uncle Bob in the hat is gonna be pissed that his dungarees got all soaked. At least thats one interpretation.

And then we have Al Johnson, And his Alaska hat. I need to find me one of these cone head covers. For gods sake there is a terrarium up there going on. Maybe Al is growing his own flies for fish’n?

Now back to Tammy on Payette lake, Tammy is waiting, and waiting, Martha and Marty to her friends, and Martin, Marty to his friends, are soaking in the sun. Now we are not sure who took the slide. Was it Martha’s Mom? Known as Ma Marty by her friends? The family is concerned for Tammy and her lack of friends, and there is a huge family argument over the choice to not name her Marjory when she was born, and sadly Tammy has been the victim of that family feud.  Ma Marty has tried to soften it all, by calling Tammy, Tarty, but that has caused more joking and Tammy is getting emotionally damaged at this point, but it wont come out until she goes through therapy in the 1970’s when she becomes a mom herself, and has to name her first born. Tommy!

Or you could just read the back of the slide. I like my version better. But you know Dorthry is waiting for him to finish his photo taking.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Matt, your creativity is amazing. No one has ever butchered my name in exactly that way before!

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Sometimes I am surprised that he spells Matt correctly.

      All part of the fun here in Woodyboaterville!

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    No wonder there was a family fight over the name…if they were going to spell it M A R J O R Y…saddle the kid with that one…nah.
    Great slides I bet there are drawers full of them waiting for dad to find the viewer.

    John in Va.

  3. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Slides were the de facto home media of our generation, unless dad upgraded to 8 MM or Super 8 MM movies. In most cases, if the slides were stored away from hot attics the color dyes remained true for decades. Thank Eastman Kodak’s harsh chemicals and use of silver for that (they were after all a chemical company).

    Growing up in Rochester NY home of Kodak, us kids would see all the latest photographic magic that Kodak produced as most dads worked there in some capacity. Mine didn’t, and neither did I but their influence on local life was everywhere.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Charlotte has that bottle of Coppertone sitting next to her. Where is the SPF 150? Doesn’t she know she is going to end up with skin cancer by the mid 80’s?

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