Railway Sausage. Baby Chick Needs Her Rest.

Hows your shaft log? Mine is fine now. Thanks Wayne for the shot

I spoke to Baby Chick the other day and she is a little worn out from all the Social Media appearances. Yes, I did speak to her, and yes, she is tired. Wouldn’t you be? I mean Britney is now Free, and well, Baby Chick could ask the same.. Need to pace it out. The good news is there sure is more milk there to be milked.

Sweet Pea is running like a champ

Okay, this is just getting strange. Like real strange, Like I need a vacation from doing what I love? Wait? What? Maybe I have been on a vacation and it’s work I need? But I have been working at work. All I know is there is a potential mental tornado from two fronts about to happen in my pea brain. Okay, I am going to put my pencil down now. Not that I use a pencil.. Make this end.

Running to lunch by boat! Wayne Photo

Watercolor print by David Jett of the railway, note the original building.

Butler built Hiawatha up on the rails for her new owners. This boat has made a bazillion trips to Florida and is a local icon. I am very proud to have her back where she started her life. And her new one. BTW, locally!

Hiawatha back in the day

Just sitting and taking in a year in the making.

Bringing in a table to work on stuff in the heat. Art stuff.

We will be finishing up the walls and details over the winter. And yes, Rugs, Lots of rugs, these are all old family rugs that over the years have been stained, torn, and to nice to chuck. But they make the office feel so much warmer and soft.

My grandfathers desk and globe are now back on the water. His portrait will be in here today.

A year ago – BTW, I love this.. But unusable.

THis is going to be my winter studio

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  1. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    LOVE that the watercolor features painted Deadrise work boats, so prevalent on the Bay in years passed, and it was great seeing Hiawatha on the rails the other day. While we all love our bright finished wood boats, Im also partial to the painted and patina-ed deadrise workboats that can better endure the brunt of the Chesapeake summer sun and saltwater… (ergo WECATCHEM @ Katzs’ for a varnish refresh..) I cant imagine a nicer and cozier “office” than what youve got setup there,…nothing like overlooking classic boats at rest in the water to stimulate the mind and body…

  2. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Wow Matt.
    That video speaks volumes.
    We need more gentlemen like Dr. Lewis.
    So good to know that they still exist among us.

  3. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    You have done an outstanding job with the remodel. It looks like a great place to spend time doing nothing/everything. Is there a furnace somewhere in there for those couple days when it’s chilly?

  4. T-Gramps
    T-Gramps says:

    Years ago I experienced an inability to keep the prop shaft aligned on my inboard . After trying numerous solutions, an old salt informed me that it had to be SHAFT FATIGUE . A new shaft solved my problem & the term has remained a constant in my limited comic vocabulary .

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I was wondering about the heat myself. Thus should warm you up though. I thought these shops had some calendar of scantilly clad women hanging somewhere.

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