Railway Update Sausage In Living Color and BW

Glenna Fay came by for a little fix’n so she could go back out to work. Its that time of year.

Couldnt help myself. BW timeless image, I swear this shot could have been taken back in 1958

Are your scrolling muscles tired from scrolling down over 240 comments from yesterday? Ya don’t worry, today will be afar better.  And, well, the next series of stories are somewhat disposable, since the New Woody Boater web site should be ready next week. 3rd times the charm.. They say. Anyway, today you get some lips and snouts from HQ and whats been going don there over the past week or so.

one hard work’n gal

That chalk board has been in my family for EVER, was in the kitchen in the 1970’s for sure, but know its older

In color

I installed some smaller Benjamin lights over work areas

A new old HIGGIN’s apron from Lowtimers in New Orleans.

I had an old frame. So?

An entire row. The goal is no large shop lights.

Getting there

The light outside is cool as well, and its warm.

Lots of history at the docks

Water leaks can happen on land as well. UGH. All fixed now.