Very Early Hacker Boat Co Photos – Rare Classic Boat Original Photos Found! More To Come!

Spring 1915-  John L. Hacker – Detroit Shop in Sto?? – 30- Runabout

The other day we featured some old photos of Sweet Pea so today we go back further in time and feature a small sample of the rare ebay photos we snatched up and scanned for all to enjoy. We are considering donating them to the appropriate museums that show interest. Or a family member.  This was part of a large collection found in a storage unit in Florida. These have been scanned and cleaned up.

1923 Packard Chris Craft 26′ – Sweepstakes Model – This boat is spoken about in Tony Malica’s book but no photo. Here are three!

What is special about some of these photos is the writing on the back, which brings these to a very personal level. And in true Woody boater fashion, hard to read. Sorry. Maybe there is a family member out there that is shocked by seeing a photo of Grandpa in his youth!

Spring 1915 at Hacker Boat Co. – Left F??D Hacker – Center A.W. – Right Fred Cahill

And below here are some more professional photos that we havent seen before, but feel like they were reproduced for press purposes.

This has some white lettering on the lower left, but no name embossed like some of the others?

Dealership in Portland Maine, look in the lower left window. Yup. Chris Craft, or on the far left on the street. A cool Johnson sign,

This has a stamp on it, Morris Rosenfeld and on the back 1929 Fleet 8X10 Not really the best shot. It’s nice to know even Mr Rosenfeld shot some duds !

Arthur Bray was a large Chris Dealer in England. I am keeping this one because of the family name Bray. Olympic International Boat Show London 12-21 October 1933 Yachting World & Motor Boating Journal

TUNE IN TOMORROW! WE THINK WE HAVE THE EARLIEST KNOWN PHOTO OF CHRIS CRAFT 1922 WITH A PRODUCTION BOAT #1 Here is the back of the photo as a tease! What? You think I am not going to milk this for all it is!

C/S/S = Chris Smith Sons? Stay tuned tomorrow to see it


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  1. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Fantastic photo’s of the CC Packard 26! I’ll be back tomorrow for CC number one. What a wicked tease, but thanks for saving the history.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    It will be worth it. We asked Tony Malica if he had seen the photo and he said he hadn’t. Its also a great photo as art. These are very small snap shots. But huge in there value to our culture.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    neat as hell……old pics are wonderful and often not for the intended target of the shot but also for the stuff in the background.

    John in Va.

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