Rare Speed Boat Kings Book On eBay by J. Lee Barrett

Well, here ya go.. A rare autographed copy of Speed Boat Kings by the author J. Lee Barrett, Its also autographed by Gar Wood and is Fred B. Todd Jr’s personal book.. $500 bucks on eBay.. I want to pretend that I know who Fred P Todd Jr is I really do.. But I don’t and neither does the internetter machine.. Dear lord, that’s sad.. if you are not on the web, did you ever really exist? I suppose in a book you do.. And this was his book… And Gar Wood liked him.. So? Seems to me that if you are into these speed boats and the Kings of them, this is like a bible that you can make a shrine with..
Now.. if you just want a bible to put in your room, here is one on Amazon for $119

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