Rare U22 On Golden Pond Poster. For Now!

For your eyes only, and now about 8 gillion other folks around the world…Here is a image of what is believed to one of two posters made for a sales meeting at Chris Craft when the movie came out. Fellow Woody boater and Dean of Dreams at the Old School Boat School Pat Curtin was invited to that sales meeting as a celebrity guest to talk about his work as boat guru on the movie On Golden Pond. Pat was given this poster and has been kind enough to share with us as we celebrate U22 month here.So there you have it… All you readers in Taiwan can now go run out and copy it, make t-shirts and fake posters. Print it on hand bags throw a Micky Mouse image with a Coke logo on it,, and you have gold… GOLD! Sorry Pat.. it’s now officially not rare anymore…

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  1. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Actually Henry and Kate were never in the movie. If you watch the movie very closely. Pat played all the roles…In some scenes with the small kid you can see pat on his knees… It was cutting edge stuff. but the boat stole the show.. Sorry pat… maybe one day the academy will see the error of there ways.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I MET HENRY FONDA in the summer of 1979 ,he drove up to our fishing lodge in ottawa ontario . HE stayed two days caught alot of fish and only when he was leaving did we find out who he was .. very quiet man ,, a lttle verbose but quite

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