Recordings Of Past Symposiums Now Available – Thanks Freedom Boat Service.


mmm, that reminds me, I need to pick up some Weed killer this week

As a wonderful gift to the classic boat community, fellow Woody Boaters Dave Bortner from Freedom Boat Service and The Antique Boat Museum have posted audio recordings of past symposiums. Some of these are true classics and given by true experts.

Just a screen grab. no need to click

No visuals. Just audio. Now before you think hey, why no visuals? Because if these were shot it would just be footage of the backs of middle aged men’s heads. And well, lets just say audio only is better.

Exhibit A your honor

NOW. one thought is. Listen to them in your car while driving. Like a pod cast. Which would be a great way to kill a long ride…and anyone in your car that’s with you. They will all be sleeping after a couple minutes anyway. But you my friend will know more about classic boats  than Christopher Columbus Smith and be a better person for it. I bet he didn’t know about 5200 bottoms.. See?

5200? Electronic ignition? Sausage Day? He’s so confused.

Just think, you can brag at the big family dinner how you heard Terry Feist talking about Cobras, Wilson Wright talking about Racing Runabouts, Gordy Millar on engines, and a panel on finding the right boat with Pete Henkel, Gary Scherb, Wilson Wright, and Wayne Mocksfield. I think they’re pretty interesting, some are timeless, some remind us how much changes over 25 years!  Come on. Be that crazy uncle everyone rolls there eyes at but secretly always wants you around. Cause at least you don’t smell like mothballs like Auntie Margret. YA, I went there.


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  1. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    “backs of middle aged men”…that’s a pretty age generous description of the audience full of white socks and grass stained sneakers or black socks and sandals, lol (present company included). I can remember desperately wanting to attend a symposium at Antique Boat in Cincinnati at the last minute and sleeping in my Jetta to make it happen. Thank God for fold down seats where I could stick my feet to stretch out. That seminar was one of the most informative I’ve been to. It would definitely need video as it was some hands on demos on restoration techniques.

  2. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    Which Symposiums, over ‘which years’?, ACBS and ABM? ?

    Just when did you invent this ‘hobby’ / ‘lifestyle’ ?

    AHHHH.., I see I Cannot finish this statement? , I cannot ‘send’?

    I also did NOT present such a visage of Nylons and associated shapes ?! (I DO argue ‘unfair’?)

    I have a bigger digital file of ‘Symposiums’ than what I’ve seen there?

    BUT it is Good that you keep trying!

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