Reedville Marine Railway Featured At Lake Tahoe Show!


Part of the show in Tahoe.

After a week of moving all the stuff from the railway to Lake tahoe, we are ready to be judged. Wait, sorry, the headline may be a tad off. The VIRTUAL Tahoe Show. I will say, I applaud the folks at the Tahoe Show for having some fun with the Virtual Show and and adding some new stuff to the hell we have all been dealing with. Here in Virginia, we are starting to see a spike in COVID cases. And making this even virtual was the right call.

We’ve been working on the Railway all the ding dong hot days. New door to Parts room. This door actually has a history and was in the Butler home back in the day and was found in a storage area here. So its been saved and still part of the family

It’s kinda funny seeing the Railway there, and yet, it does fit. Pushing the concept of Virtual to its edge. The question I have is where is the line? Could we enter a very cool Cushion? A Collection.. Bill Anderson? The the Virtual Show open up a different kind of collective show that embraces all the wonders of our sport, community, universe?

Coming together for the Reedville Show on Sept 11.. Maybe ish? Things are getting wonky again.

If you think about it, shows are like this, you get to take tours of the area, and other cool things, rides, food, and the ability to take in the  gestalt of it all. Big word for a little brain like mine egh? Oh I am so much more than Ball and Nut jokes. Okay, maybe not.

The Railway yesterday

New shelves, new places for some of the stuff collected over the years. EEESH, didnt know that much stuff had found its way into all the little parts of my universe..

on. the left there are SYLVIA’s original hatches.

Inside the parts room, The door adds some warmth and helps the parts bins feel more built in.


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    You should be a shoe in for the “Self Owned Marine Railway” catigory.

    But watch out for those judges.

  2. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    there have been lots of saggy boats on that railway…but watch out for Troy’s saggy judge.

    things looking fine in Reedville…VA

    John in Va

  3. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Matt the Railway looks absolutely wonderful. What a beautiful building filled with beautiful things it is. Art direction on a grand scale. And as Troy says you’re a sure bet for ‘Self owned Marine Railway’.

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