Reflections Of The Click!


Early morning

On Saturday the light, weather and life just seemed to all come together in a perfect symphony of visual splendor. Sometimes it just clicks, and it’s always good to collect those moments in a quick click. And reflect on the reflections. Okay enough puns.. PICS PLEASE

The slow boat ride to HQ started with some magical light. This is my neighbors boathouse that tortures me. Always empty. There is nothing sadder than an empty boathouse

The touch of fall leafs in the water just is perfect. This is Becky’s new boat in the boathouse across the way.

Mr B see’s someone? Hey! Who is that?

Wayne Bomb showed up early so we could get Sweet Pea in the drink and sit at Bilgewatch Beach to make sure she swelled up right.

SWEET PEA READY TO PLOP – One quick turn of the camera, Nikon D7200 and BAM you get an entirely different look. These are low res, the high res shots are insane.

Look at the light of the sun coming up. Turn the camera

She slid in perfectly, no runs, drips or errors. And no bilge running.

Now we sit and watch the sunrise. Good god. In person it was insane

Okay I milked this one a bit, and trying to find the one shot that kills is a process. I shot about 200 shots in the morning, and selecting the shots is actually the tough part. Right Steve, Kent, Bob!

Maybe a wider angle? The shafts of light. These are soft because of the resolution for the site. UGH!

Maybe closer? AHHHHHHHH, no photoshop, filters, nuthn.. Just mother nature

More reflections. What a day of reflections

A day of headers.

This is the turn of the camera. I mean maybe two minutes later. This is known as the magic hour, and man oh man it delivered.


Still floating, and reflecting.

HEY! Why are you running around with that camera?


Okay, thats better. Mr B is wondering if there are any snicky snakes. Thats code word for go watch the water.

Lots of crab legs. The local crabbers don’t use the legs, and yet, they are the yummiest part? But too labor intensive

Perfection. For now.

Sisters? Cousins? Shipmates? His and Hers? Fall colors.. AHHHH

Still floating. BTW, all these shots all took place in about 10 minutes. It was crazy time. Like light surfing

This is around noon, we had to get the Skipjack shots from yesterday. Lunch by boat to the Crazy Crab

The water tower and a local , okay a couple locals.


The bald eagles own the water tower this time of year. Here is the happy couple discussing a boat on ebay for sale.

This cruiser was left abandoned at the Crazy Crab. Want it? The birds certainly are enjoying it

STAY OFF MY LAWN! These past ones are on the iphone. Easy to grab

The Railway in full bloom

George showed up in his Butler Built Skiff.

Parked when we got back. Boats boats and more boats.. and a propane tank.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! I need a smoke!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It’s beyond me how you can take 200 photos in 10 minutes but you got some great shots. The boat houses make me jealous and that old cruiser makes me sad. Thanks for a nice Monday morning.

  2. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Matt do you ever stop and look back a couple years to reflect on how your life has changed? Its fascinating to watch.

    How does someone go from owning a Constellation to abandoning it?

  3. River Rat
    River Rat says:

    Flat water ride to work, light just right, and Wayne rocking the pier lean. Not to mention the wildlife, Mr. B and a boat to keep an eye on. Plus that boat house was not empty , it is a luxurious canoe launch, granted it could hold more. Beautiful share. Thank you Matt. River Rat

  4. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    glad the sweet pea repairs seemed to work. one always wonders before the moment of truth–putting the boat in the water.

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