Remember That Helmet I Wanted To Restore?

The Gentex Helmet In Question.

Well, you may be thinking, okay, he restored it! Oh, you just wait. After all these things are original once, and the red paint over the green paint, over the gold is kinda like a history book. Each color a page. And what a book it is. So. Here is the story as it was told to me. I am not making any of this up. And of course its all circumstantial. Okay, I have been watching to much Law & Order. But.. This is from Danny Holden and Danny’s Brother, who was told the history by their father, whose helmet it was.

“I had a nice chat with my brother yesterday
He was as happy about the helmets new home as I was.
We where able to build a very plausible history you are certainly free to in brace or alter
The helmet was given to dad by captain Bob Bowes, dad’s boat/fishing prater for 40 years, Bob Bowes day job was as a flight instructor at TPS. The United States Navy’s Test Pilot School at Pax River Naval air test center


Bob Bowes day job was as a flight instructor at TPS. The United States Navy’s Test Pilot School at Pax River Naval air test center
This school is required for all pilots in the astronaut program. It comes after you pass top gun in Mermar
The best of best of all pilots not just the Navy
So we say that helmet was given to Captain Bob Bowes by no other than Neal Armstrong when they where at the school together in the early 60’
Dad getting it in 65
Enjoy and thank you for putting some light on the helmet”

Ted Williams!

Okay, the “we say” part of this may be a legal loop hole. After all? Many famous pilots had a helmet like this. Such as Ted Williams.. And yes even Johnny Cash. Or Bob Bowes. It’s not really a small step for us to connect it all, but a giant leap for me to restore it.

You can read about famous Korean War pilots here. 


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  1. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    My father was at TPS when I was born in 1959. He was classmates with Jim Lovell and Pete Conrad. Later he returned as the Deputy Director and Chief Flight Instructor there. He used to tell us some crazy stories of some of his test flights, which my mom hated…. she didnt want to become a widow with seven kids…. “Dont tell me those stories” she would say. My father went on to have a very accomplished Naval Aviation career, retiring as an Admiral. I still own the family home down on the Patuxent and the TPS planes regularly fly over the house and it brings back fond memories..

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Thats our story, and wer’e stickin to it. Do not touch it. Print out that story, and put it inside the helmet. Then hang it in the wall.

  3. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Holy cow, I didn’t realize what a boring hum drum life I lived until I started hanging out with youze guys each morning!

    Awesome piece of history.

  4. Bobby Boat
    Bobby Boat says:

    As an art dealer my opinion in this matter,……. Leave it alone. You will get more curious people looking and reading the posted information about the helmet. If it was newly restored they possibly would not even give a look, but the the original condition with catch their eye, read your history notes and may think as this generation would say, “How cool”.

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