Remy Champt – Classic Maritime Art.

Looking to snazz up your board room? How about a series of fancy pants classic speed boats.. And while you are at it, you can have your boat commissioned, while your clients are complementing you on your good taste and dribbling on about how they remember as a kid… on the lake stuff.. You can slip in.. Oh yes and this one is my boat.. It’s that important of a boat.. Would you like to go out on it one weekend.. And pow, you just got the Pinky’s Grocery store account.. You can come up with slogans like..” My Grocery’s Aren’t Stinky at Pinky’s.” and be a marketing genius..  So see.. great art can pay for it’s self in one meeting..

Meet Remy Champt, combining the talents of a master illustrator with a deep appreciation of maritime history.

After studying art in Belgium, Remy chose to pursue a career on the water. He sailed around the world, and in 1980 he immigrated to Michigan, joining family already in Northern Michigan. His sailing career on the Great Lakes includes classic freighters and tugs. Champt has also served on many of upper Lake Michigan’s modern-day schooners, and he holds a Master’s ticket. Today he sails and works out of Traverse City, Michigan.

This wonderful rendering is a sample of a commission.

Remy Champt’s renderings are exhibited and sold around the country. His work has been featured at the Mystic Maritime Gallery, the Great Lakes Art Gallery, the Leelanau Historical Museum, the Shipwreck Museum White Fish Point, among others. And now, Woody Boater.. Sorry Remy! Next week.. a line of 12 year olds birthday cards.. “Happy Birthday, Your ship has come in” Ugh! All kidding aside.. An entire set of these is a great christmas gift idea.. Or do it for your self.. BUT.. have your wife drawn into the boat.. Now that’s a chess move..

And yes.. Lymans!

You can simply click here to par ooze your way through Remy’s head.. Have fun..

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    If the marriage doesn't work out can he retouch the pictures I wonder? It would be a real shame not to keep them on the walls. Gotta think at least 2 moves ahead in chess.

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