Restoring Stinky In The Family Room! Yup! In One Weekend!

A little paint, 5 gallon buckets to flip the boat over and a heater. Gotta have a heater. What more do you need? A knife?

We did it, we pulled off the ultimate weekend job. Yes sir reee. Removed all her hardware, flipped the boat, sanded painted, and put her back together in two ish days. Getting her ready for Lake Dora of course.

I picked this up on ebay all ready made!

Well, I mean there is going to be some space issues, and well, Stinky can now fit on the table vs the dock. So how did we do it? A Mini Me Machine? I wish.

Started taking it apart on the kitchen counter top

Yikes, I prefer to restore one than build one new

A simple Reed & Prince kitchen knife snapped those suckers right off.

All apart. This is easy, I can do this now on a larger boat in no time.

Then too the sanding room/family room

That crap color actually made a nice primer

But man it takes time with that little sand paper

A little orbital sander! Perfect.

Then out to the garage. Time to flip her But Jimmy’s not here. So I guess it’s a one man job. Time to get creative.

You can never have enough 5 Gallon Buckets around


Thats the tough spot. But we made it. Those are Chris – Craft Gas Sticks by the way. Who knew they were so strong

Ta Da! The 5 gallon Bucket method works!

Getting ready to sand the bottom. I am going to recruit a bunch of GI Joes to do the work. The Ken Doll just wants to hang out and take selfies and look at himself in the mirror


Nice. They were fast.

Isnt that cute, Stinky’s got a mini me!

And of course we used the right paint

I think…

Bottom done. And all this before lunch.. Man I am hungry.

Here goes

And the blue


One coat. What in the hell am I doing?

While the red and blue are drying, its detail time. Little black paint dabs do magic

No Jim Staib needed for these step pads. Sorry Jim..

The Gauges are stuck though

Here we go

We did do two coats of the red and Blue

The Trawler awates outside. Dont let that blue sky fool you. Its cold as crap.

Tape off,

Fitting parts, and painting details

Coming together

Motoring on the carpet. The dog is not impressed

Her sunset in the finish-ish shot

Watching the paint dry, I went out to the barn and grabbed some large paint sticks! bam. A Cradle. A little sharpie action and she is factory…ish

Now the tough part. painting her name on the transom. No decal for my gal!

Hey, it looks better from a couple feet away.. For the record so I do I.. Meet Lil Stinky!

Kinda close


Exact paint match

A fun two days of watching paint dry

Thar she sits. on the barn floor.

Ready to go!

They both are.


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  1. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    That’s Hillarious! The ultimate Microcosm Chris Craft Restoration! Now you just have to figure a way to shrink the cruiser down to table top size.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Beautiful. Need to add Chris-Craft to the sides before judging. Next time you need to do a Riva so you can attract the Barbies out there.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Android issues being adressed. Iphone should be ready, waiting on aproval from Apple. Sorry. Its been a can of worms. Hence this taking 6 months to build.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    We have lots of great new sponsors. Streblow Boats, Kirby Paint, Motorboat Garage, and Fitzke paddle boards, and some more coming. Very exciting times here. The App is still being reworked for some. A massive sign up btw. But with so many different variables some issues. The good news is folks are using it and Sponsors are already getting business from it. The geo locator is great for people looking for a fellow WoodyBoater close by. We are also updating in the recomended area with resturants and smaller restoration shops that serve a very local market.

  4. Frank of Falmouth
    Frank of Falmouth says:

    HA ha! GREAT Story!! Big fingers, little boat!
    The boat flip photos were hilarious!!! I love boat flip photos and stories, anticipating a few of my own in the future..
    Many years ago I purchased a couple of Dumas model boat kits. A CC triple cockpit and a CC utility…. after opening one of the boxes and looking at all the tiny pieces of wood and talking to some experienced model builders I put the boxes on the shelf… time would be better spent working on one of my (redacted number ) real boats. I did buy a completed CC Utility model boat, (already assembled) at the St Michaels boat show ($$$) that sits on my mantle…
    Using the recent cold spell to move boats and gear around my boat barn to allow access to the “easy” projects and stack/store the longer term ones..

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:


    That was really neat….and you did it all in just two days…Impressive !

    We in Miami today…it was 76 here yesterday….We may stop by Tavares on the way home tomorrow and check out the dock situation. Probably not enuff time for lunch at Palm Gardens.

  6. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    Good job, Matt. I see you changed the steering wheel to post-war. will lose points that way! (wont even mention the instrument panel).

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      I think the instrument panel is from a 41 or 40. mine is more primitive. As to the wheel. I didnt like the banjo. And yes.. made it more simple. And made it red. I was testing what colors I should use if I repaint Big Stinky. I even thought of doing an aged restoration on Lil Stinky. Rad turds and all.

  7. bryguy
    bryguy says:

    With the cold keeping you inside we in the great White North recognize that type of project for what it is.
    You young man are in the first stages of Cabin Fever … Get outside and take in the cold. That way you will enjoy the warmer weather…..

    • steve stevenson
      steve stevenson says:

      Hey Matt, love the job you did on little Stinky,but toy boats are like potato chips,you can’t have just one

  8. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    Why didn’t you use the boatress for the hand model? That would have been the equivalent of a Chris Craft model. Either way. Real nice restore!!

  9. R. Harris
    R. Harris says:

    Bill Morgan told me one time that he could sand a 30 ft. boat with a single 8 by 10 sheet of sandpaper. Looks like you accomplished that feat….

  10. Briant
    Briant says:

    Beautiful…..uh except I would put a small bit of Limburger Cheese inside…just to semi replicate the real deal !

  11. Jim Fiala
    Jim Fiala says:

    Matt, for your planking lines,pick up some automotive pin striping tape at the local auto parts store.. There are various widths to choose from.. I have used this on hand built model boats
    Easy to put on and adjust to get right for a sharp detailed look.

  12. Matt
    Matt says:

    Hi Tim, this model never had white seams. Paint was applied over the seams and it was all red. Now, on a non fiberglassed deck you would see the seams depth. So I have thought on the larger Stinky, to do these seam lines in a slight 10% darker red to create a illusion of depth.

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